Tuesday, January 20, 2009


This morning I had a dr. appointment. After talking for awhile we listened to the heart beat which was speedy and strong. (always what we love to hear!) Then the dr. laid the measuring tape on my protruding belly and I wish I would have had a camera! His face was priceless! His comment was "WHOA! You are measuring 6 weeks bigger than you should be!" I couldn't help but laugh. I jokingly said "I feel bigger than I should be!!" We talked and he was obviously amazed at how big I was. He told me we would do another ultrasound in 2 weeks and see just how big this boy is. So in two weeks we shall see, maybe I will have a February baby after all. I just had to laugh...cause just a few nights ago Craig said (with all kindness and we were joking around at the time) "that (him pointing at my prego belly) has NEVER been that big!" So I will just have to keep you posted as each day this belly gets bigger and bigger! All I have to do if that somehow gets me down...is think of the doctors face and his comment of WHOA!!!


cari said...

Exciting!!! I'll cross my fingers it means he'll be here sooner!