Wednesday, January 7, 2009

So Much Snow!

It seems like it has been snowing forever! Honestly, I am ready for it to stop. I feel bad for Craig and the boys who are out shovelling the driveway constantly. The kids love it, Craig has no problem with it, but I think its nice for a while then I am done with it. Yesterday it snowed all day long, I don't think it stopped at all. We have tons of the white stuff everywhere. Last night as Craig was out once again shovelling Lib & Zach got all dressed in their snow clothes and went out to play (Caleb would have joined them but he was at wrestling). They were outside forever, loving every minute of it. The cold didn't seem to get to them at all. I kept going out to check on them to see if they wanted to come in for hot chocolate but seriously they were just running around, jumping in the white fluffy snow. Craig ended up pulling some strangers car up the hill because it couldn't make it on it's own, when he took off, I finally talked them into coming in. Of course that meant a pile of wet snow clothes laying by the front door drying, red noses, wet hair, and cold toes. It doesn't seem to hit them until they are inside just how cold it really is.

Craig taking a break from shovelling...helping Lib get her beanie on.

Check them out...enjoying the snow!

Check out the red cheeks, and wet stringy hair! This pretty much captures their fun!

They were trying to dig a snow cave in the big pile of snow from the driveway. I don't think they got very far.

This morning (wed.) I was so happy to see blue skies and even the sun!!! It is still cold outside but I love it! I looked out Craig's office window and said to him this morning, "Wow, all the snow makes our backyard look great." Check it out.

Looks like a winter wonderland...little do you know!

When really it is a total work in progress, piles of dirt, cinderblocks waiting to be laid and weeds! Yuck, it isn't the nicest looking normally. But snow makes it look inviting. I guess we have a break from the white stuff until Friday. At least that is what the weather man said...we shall see. This is the time of year I have a hard time with it, before Christmas it is expected but now that Christmas is over, it can go away!!! Or at least stay in the mountains....Is that too much to ask?


Tori and Steve said...

Isn't this crazy? My kids snow clothes don't dry out before they are ready to get in them again! At least we get to watch the fun from inside our nice warm houses!

Amy-Sue and Gian Del Bello said...

Looks like fun...but I sure couldn't live in it!!! I'll stick to our "cold" weather right now...low 60's.

cari said...

Wow your back yard view is pretty! For some reason, I've never seen your back yard. I didn't even know you had a deck until your post about Christmas eve! Where have I been? (Definitely not in your backyard!)

This has been the year for snow. I wish I had a Zambonie because if it were smoothed out, our long driveway could totally be a ice rink! There's about 8 inches or pure ice that I don't think will melt all the way until Spring!