Thursday, January 29, 2009

Being Pampered!!

At least once a week Liberty will randomly come up to me and say "it's time for me to rub your feet". Of course I never argue that. This started a few months back and she must see that I am wiped out and just need a little pampering. It started with her just rubbing lotion on my feet and since it has become much more.

She starts by brushing my hair, (which I beg my children to do, because I love it so much!) sometimes she will put clips in it our bows, you know whatever she feels like (today I ended up with her tiara on). Second she will pretend to put make-up on me, pretend to paint finger and toe nails, she puts jewelry on me (yes she finds the most attractive pieces I have! Which usually are gifts that she has given me...for instance the disco ball earrings she gave me for my last b-day! that I have to keep in a very "safe" spot...and she some how finds them.)

Here I am after the jewels, pretend make-up, and tiara were put on...too bad you can't see the lovely disco ball earrings.

Then she tells me to lay down with my feet on a towel so lotion won't get all over my bedding, and she rubs my feet. I usually don't like my feet touched but she does a great job! Seriously. I am totally relaxed by the time she is done. Today she said just before she started, "Mom, this is going to help your fat feet!" I am sure you are thinking ... such a nice thing to say ... but she meant every word of it. She wanted to help.

Here she is starting to rub the lotion.

She is such a nice gat to rub these bricks!

The funny thing is that after she is done rubbing my feet she wants to put shoes on me to complete the loveliness! Well since I only have maybe 3 pair of shoes that fit me right cracks us both up when she tries to squeeze my feet into the pointy high heel shoes everytime. This time she was determined to get my feet into something better than crocs or slippers...she somehow managed to push them into sandals...but notice how far they actually got in, notice the line where my toes usually are. We laughed so hard.

This is when she was trying to push my feet into my fancy shoes! Notice the pointed toe!

Check out the normal toe line on these sandals...she was determined to get them on...but they could only stay of for a few minutes! They were hurting my feet.

Don't ask me where this pampering idea came from but I will say that I enjoy it. She usually has something for me to do while she rubs my feet, like read, or play a game on my pocket PC, but whatever I do...I cannot close my eyes because once she let me do that and I fell asleep...she didn't like that much.

Here I am enjoying being pampered!


Tori and Steve said...

That's why I need a daughter! What a sweetheart!

Cari said...

That is the cutest thing I've heard in a long time! What a doll!

Hopefully you won't have to have swollen feet much longer!

Cortney Chambers said...

i see many mother/daughter spa days in the future!

Shelly Kenison said...

how awesome to have a daughter that loves you so much. boys are great don't get me wrong, but I don't think it would ever cross my kids minds to do anything like that. Hope your feet find relief soon!