Friday, July 22, 2011

Two of a Kind

One afternoon the phone rang it was Papa. He asked if Zach wanted to play catch. Zach said yep. Papa got in his car and drove 30 minutes to play catch with Zach. It was so fun to watch them on the side of the house throwing to each other. An afternoon Zach won't forget.

{Thanks Dad for making his afternoon! You are great!}

Still Laughing!

So while sitting watching Liberty play Rock Band, I see Brit walk up to the wood stove open the doors and say

"hello, anybody home?"

For the 5 people who read this blog, most of you will totally understand why I think this is so funny. And just for the record he said it just like Ruby used to at our screen door.

That made this mom laugh on a day I am NOT feel good at all.

Thanks Brit!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Bear Lake

For the week of the 4th we headed up to Bear Lake. We went with Papa & Grammy, Cari, Craig, Cortney and their families. It was a blast! Ideal Beach Resort was a perfect fit for our family. It had something for everyone! Check out our do-ING's of the week!

(some photos taken from my sister's blog...thanks Cari)


(get it...everything ends with ING)

just danc-ING



goof-ING off

apostle meet-ING

(Elder L.Tom Perry happens to vacation at Ideal Beach every year over the 4th of July week. We all had the opportunity to see him, talk with him over the week. Pretty cool!)

firework watch-ING

feet soak-ING (in dirty lake water)

eat-ING & snack-ING

beach go-ING


sand digg-ING

lake swimm-ING

park play-ING

tennis play-ING

racket swing-ING

miniature golf-ING

puddle jump-ING

lake explor-ING

bike rid-ING

volleyball play-ING



snorkel-ING (well just after snorkeling)

Other ING's not pictured...




cry-ING due to laugh-ING


sidewalk chalk-ING

movie watch-ING

finger & toe nail paint-ING

ice cream cone buy-ING

sun burn-ING

lov-ING every minute of the week!

Great week, great company. I loved it! Hope to do it soon!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Football Camps

June was a very busy football month for Caleb. He was gone more than he was home all month long. The first week of June he went to Utah State for his team camp. This was a great experience for him. I think he grew alot. Craig went up to watch him and said he was doing well.

The next week he went to a U of U 7 on 7 day long camp. The following week he went to a day camp again at the U of U. Then he headed to a BYU 7 on 7 day camp, and then spent the next week at BYU Football Camp. That was the camp that I was able to go watch him at (all photos were from that week). Even with all of this going on he still managed to go to morning workouts at the high school and also T/Th night practices when he could. So basically,, all month long! But really I don't think he minded AT ALL!

My grown up QB Caleb!

Caleb and his roommate Joe from California. Joe learned early on that Caleb is a man of few words. I think it was a perfect match because Joe was a very outgoing young man. I think it was just what Caleb needed.

Caleb on the field...

Getting ready to throw


Another throw

and another

Helping clean up the field after the game is over

My cute Quarterback! This is his signature sideline stance. I love it!

Not only did he have so much football he also went to Scout Camp (more on that later)

Keep up the good work Caleb!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Zach Baseball Season


Zach at bat!

Sliding into home, and looking to the Umpire for the call. SAFE! He hit a HOME RUN!

Zach showing his teammates where on the bat he hit the ball.

Craig was one of the many times that Craig showed up a game after Bishopric meeting in his suit. That's my cute hubby!

Craig in his suit giving the after game pep talk!


Notice my lucky photography! Somehow I finally managed to capture a hit. Zach in full swing with the ball flying towards the outfield. FINALLY, I don't know how many photo I have taken that were so close!

Zach and his teammates cheering on the team who came in 2nd place. One thing about the Diamondbacks they are great sports. They beat some teams pretty badly but they always held themselves with dignity. They were great winners.

Zach recieving his trophy and t-shirt.

Just after the game ended, the Umpire handed Zach a water cooler pretty full of water with a smile on his face. Zach knew just what to do with it. He (we the help of a teammate) drenched Jeff. I really don't think Jeff knew what was coming. Zach sure was proud of himself!

After the trophy ceremony, one of the parents brought a cooler full of Sprite. Jeff told all the boys to get a can, shake it up and open it. Zach was having the time of his life. The large stream of Sprite flying thru the air is coming from Zach's can. The boys loved this!

Diamondbacks back to back State Champions! Way to go boys!

Craig and Zach showing who they are...we're number ONE!

We got home late after the games, waiting for us on the front door was this great congratulations sign. We were all surprised. Zach thought it was pretty cool. Thanks Aunt KyLee!


Zach at bat

Pleasant Grove All Stars Team 2011

Zach showing off his trophy.

The went undefeated in this tournament. They played so well together, considering they are usually playing against each other. They were really fun to watch!

This season Zach played 1st Base. He did a great job. His hitting has gotten better. In the State Tournament his batting average was over 800. NICE JOB!

Great season Zach! Can't wait for next year!