Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Caleb's FHE

I should have posted this in late December...but I totally spaced it. This was our final week of the kids choosing what we would do for FHE. We had a variety of fun things they all chose. But I must say that Caleb's made me laugh when he told everyone what he wanted to do. If you are from around our neck of the woods you may know this place. For whatever reason Caleb gets a kick out of going there and seriously we have to walk up and down every isle...the treasures you can find at this place are priceless and we seem to get a great laugh out of it.

That's right Caleb chose to go spend a Monday night wandering up and down the isles of Allen's super market in Orem. This place is sort of a running joke in our family because if we need something and can't find it anywhere else we jokingly say "check Allen's they have everything!" Nine times out of ten they do!

We all got many laughs checking out some of the random things like the funny aligator that Zach pretended to tackle down complete with phrases from the crocodile hunter...which I am sad to say that I didn't get a photo of. We saw some crazy yellow piggy banks that still to this day make me laugh. But in all honesty, we really like this store I have nothing against it. They carry all your major grocery needs but they also have some fun and interesting things, that for our family made for some great laughs.

Zach saw these little chests sitting on a table and ran up to them and stuck one hand in and started saying "bump, bump, bump, bump" like Davey Jones chest in Pirates. We all started to laugh.

Liberty and Zach had no problems pulling a sled down off the shelf and pretend that they are sledding down a hill. Check out Zach's expression. Priceless!

When we saw these cool sports goggles I knew that someone would try them on and sure enough they did. Check out Craig's expression. I love it.

This was at the end of the last isle...the kids all found random sunglasses and sat down on the bench used for customers waiting for perscriptions at the pharmacy. I love the looks on all of thier faces.

We ended the night by letting everyone choose an ice cream treat and we took them home to enjoy. Caleb wanted drumsticks, Libby, Zach & I wanted Rootbeer Floats, and Craig wanted ice cream sandwiches. Everyone was happy and we had a night that we will not soon forget!

Great choice Caleb!