Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Happy New Year!

Once again the Veenker Family ventured up to the cabin for our annual New Years Trip. Again it was a great time for all. No accidents, no drama, just fun times with the family. That is how we like it. We ate, and ate, and ate, and joked about how that seems to be all we do. After a meal was cleaned up someone would pull out some snack they had brought to share and we would just keep eating cause we couldn't let anything go to waste! There is something about being the mountains that says food! We played lots of fun games, took snowmobile rides (not me, but everyone else!), went sledding down a groomed by Grandpa and the snowcat sled run. There were some wild and crazy sledders, my daughter being one of them. Not surprising! We brought up the Xbox so the boys could have football tournaments, puzzles, naps, reading time and just relaxing. It was a lot of fun! The weather was so nice....cold and snowy but nice. It didn't start to actually snow until the wee hours of the morning the day we left so it worked out great. I had to laugh because me being the way that I am ... I brought all kinds of warm weather gear and honestly didn't use any of it. In fact my coat stayed on the hanger the entire time we were there. I didn't even wear it in, cause we rode in the snowcat! It was said that the snowcat was the best investment ever! I would have to agree! It was really fun to be up there with everyone except Elder Veenker! We sure did miss him but we know he is right where he needs to be now. Check out our photos of the fun time!

Here we are packed into the snowcat heading into the cabin!

Craig enjoying some down time!

Me just hanging out, watching all the fun going on around me!

A panaramic (spelling?) photo of fun upstairs in the cabin

Happy New Year 2009! Such excitement! We were all so tired! Not all of us made it until midnight.

Craig pulling Liberty's 2nd tooth...he used some cleaned fishing pliers...please don't ask! She was excited when the tooth fairy came to the cabin.

Boys will be boys!

Cabin trips wouldn't be complete without all the girls coloring at the kitchen table!

XBox tournament time!

Snowmobiles taking off for one of the many rides

Zach and Brooklynn coming in from playing outside in the snow cave and on the swing

Zach & John going after each other in the game Cowboy, Ninja, Bear (sort of an added twist to the game Mafia) really fun and very funny to watch

Most of the boys and men outside on the porch jumping all at the same time trying to get the snow to fall off the roof, so we don't have an incident like last year. If you are wondering it worked!

Caleb and Christopher had a muffin eating contest, to see who could eat a muffin fastest...as you can tell from the photo Caleb won...I wish I had Grandma's video of it. It was unreal!

Here are some of the last ones at the cabin getting settled into the snowcat to head out to our cars.

Never a dull moment at the Veenker Cabin. Once again this year didn't disappoint! You know it was a great time when everyone is begging to stay longer!

Hope you have a DIVINE 2009!


cari said...

Looks like fun. I hope you really were able to take it easy!

Brandon & Shelly said...

What a great family to belong to! Glad you guys all had a safe fun trip this year, with no broken bones. Happy New Year.

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