Thursday, January 29, 2009

Being Pampered!!

At least once a week Liberty will randomly come up to me and say "it's time for me to rub your feet". Of course I never argue that. This started a few months back and she must see that I am wiped out and just need a little pampering. It started with her just rubbing lotion on my feet and since it has become much more.

She starts by brushing my hair, (which I beg my children to do, because I love it so much!) sometimes she will put clips in it our bows, you know whatever she feels like (today I ended up with her tiara on). Second she will pretend to put make-up on me, pretend to paint finger and toe nails, she puts jewelry on me (yes she finds the most attractive pieces I have! Which usually are gifts that she has given me...for instance the disco ball earrings she gave me for my last b-day! that I have to keep in a very "safe" spot...and she some how finds them.)

Here I am after the jewels, pretend make-up, and tiara were put on...too bad you can't see the lovely disco ball earrings.

Then she tells me to lay down with my feet on a towel so lotion won't get all over my bedding, and she rubs my feet. I usually don't like my feet touched but she does a great job! Seriously. I am totally relaxed by the time she is done. Today she said just before she started, "Mom, this is going to help your fat feet!" I am sure you are thinking ... such a nice thing to say ... but she meant every word of it. She wanted to help.

Here she is starting to rub the lotion.

She is such a nice gat to rub these bricks!

The funny thing is that after she is done rubbing my feet she wants to put shoes on me to complete the loveliness! Well since I only have maybe 3 pair of shoes that fit me right cracks us both up when she tries to squeeze my feet into the pointy high heel shoes everytime. This time she was determined to get my feet into something better than crocs or slippers...she somehow managed to push them into sandals...but notice how far they actually got in, notice the line where my toes usually are. We laughed so hard.

This is when she was trying to push my feet into my fancy shoes! Notice the pointed toe!

Check out the normal toe line on these sandals...she was determined to get them on...but they could only stay of for a few minutes! They were hurting my feet.

Don't ask me where this pampering idea came from but I will say that I enjoy it. She usually has something for me to do while she rubs my feet, like read, or play a game on my pocket PC, but whatever I do...I cannot close my eyes because once she let me do that and I fell asleep...she didn't like that much.

Here I am enjoying being pampered!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Our DEER Neighbors

One of our winter neighbors!

We have our neighbors back. Every winter since we have lived here right around January our neighbors come back...we have anywhere from 3 to 8 deer who live in our backyard. They just hang out under the trees and eat whatever they can find. It is fun to watch them out the window, the kids love it! There have been times that they give us a fright...for instance...standing by the kitchen sink which has a window right above it and haveing something catch your eye and notice you are being stared at by a large deer. Or coming home late one night and making your way up to the door (our garage is detached) and seeing a deer standing right by the door frozen looking right at you. Believe me that is a strange rush feelings all at once. They usually stick around until spring...they wander but eventually come back over the time they are here. Last year they were what brought the cougars down to our community...which they aren't welcome if they do that again this year! We don't want cougars! But for now it is great to open my blinds each morning and look out and see them. Who knows how long they will be here! We shall see!

Here is one with more in it...this was just after the snow stopped falling yesterday. There are 3 but the photo is dark. Sorry.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Craig's Day

Craig and his Dad just after Stake Conference. ( I wish the photo wasn't so dark!)

This past weekend was our Stake Conference. This is something that I always look forward to, our stake is amazing and our leaders a wonderful. It is always an uplifting and spiritual experience and I alway walk away strengthened. This Stake Conference was a bit different for us...a week ago at church our Stake Pres. asked to talk to Craig and I later that day. We went to the meeting and were shocked by a calling that was extended to Craig. He was called to be a member of the Stake High Council. He accepted and I agreed to support him in this new calling. Craig walked out of the meeting very solemn and shaken all at the same time. He feels under qualified and inadequate (which is how many of us feel when we get new callings). He had a week to let things sink in and honestly I don't think they have even now. Sunday came and as we sat in the Alpine Tabernacle awaiting his calling I could see both nerves, excitement, emotion and fear on his face. When his name was announced I felt so pleased with my cute hubby! His lower lip was quivering and I could tell he was overcome with emotion. We were able to have my parents and Craig's parents there along with many members of his family. It was a great experience for all of us. Right after the meeting he was ordained a High Priest by his dad and surrounded by his brothers and my dad. Immediately following that he was set apart as a member of the High Council. It was a day I am sure we won't soon forget. He still is feeling overwhelmed...but I think he is excited to get to work. This will be a change for our family...but we are excited for the growth and experiences that will come with it.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Caleb's FHE

I should have posted this in late December...but I totally spaced it. This was our final week of the kids choosing what we would do for FHE. We had a variety of fun things they all chose. But I must say that Caleb's made me laugh when he told everyone what he wanted to do. If you are from around our neck of the woods you may know this place. For whatever reason Caleb gets a kick out of going there and seriously we have to walk up and down every isle...the treasures you can find at this place are priceless and we seem to get a great laugh out of it.

That's right Caleb chose to go spend a Monday night wandering up and down the isles of Allen's super market in Orem. This place is sort of a running joke in our family because if we need something and can't find it anywhere else we jokingly say "check Allen's they have everything!" Nine times out of ten they do!

We all got many laughs checking out some of the random things like the funny aligator that Zach pretended to tackle down complete with phrases from the crocodile hunter...which I am sad to say that I didn't get a photo of. We saw some crazy yellow piggy banks that still to this day make me laugh. But in all honesty, we really like this store I have nothing against it. They carry all your major grocery needs but they also have some fun and interesting things, that for our family made for some great laughs.

Zach saw these little chests sitting on a table and ran up to them and stuck one hand in and started saying "bump, bump, bump, bump" like Davey Jones chest in Pirates. We all started to laugh.

Liberty and Zach had no problems pulling a sled down off the shelf and pretend that they are sledding down a hill. Check out Zach's expression. Priceless!

When we saw these cool sports goggles I knew that someone would try them on and sure enough they did. Check out Craig's expression. I love it.

This was at the end of the last isle...the kids all found random sunglasses and sat down on the bench used for customers waiting for perscriptions at the pharmacy. I love the looks on all of thier faces.

We ended the night by letting everyone choose an ice cream treat and we took them home to enjoy. Caleb wanted drumsticks, Libby, Zach & I wanted Rootbeer Floats, and Craig wanted ice cream sandwiches. Everyone was happy and we had a night that we will not soon forget!

Great choice Caleb!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


This morning I had a dr. appointment. After talking for awhile we listened to the heart beat which was speedy and strong. (always what we love to hear!) Then the dr. laid the measuring tape on my protruding belly and I wish I would have had a camera! His face was priceless! His comment was "WHOA! You are measuring 6 weeks bigger than you should be!" I couldn't help but laugh. I jokingly said "I feel bigger than I should be!!" We talked and he was obviously amazed at how big I was. He told me we would do another ultrasound in 2 weeks and see just how big this boy is. So in two weeks we shall see, maybe I will have a February baby after all. I just had to laugh...cause just a few nights ago Craig said (with all kindness and we were joking around at the time) "that (him pointing at my prego belly) has NEVER been that big!" So I will just have to keep you posted as each day this belly gets bigger and bigger! All I have to do if that somehow gets me think of the doctors face and his comment of WHOA!!!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

OOoooh! La La! Fancy Nancy Party

OOOOH! La! La!
Libby getting ready to leave for the Fancy Nancy Party! Doesn't she look fancy!!
While at the library a couple of weeks ago I saw a sign for a Fancy Nancy Party. I knew right away that this is would be right up Libby's alley. I picked up her ticket and the wait began. Well the big day finally came yesterday. If you aren't aware of who Fancy Nancy is, it is a new childrens book about a girl named Nancy who thinks everything is better if it is fancy. It is a great book for little girls.

This is the cover of the book. If you don't have it you need it!!!
One thing it said on the invite was "fancy dress" expected. Well, this was no problem for Lib...she and I put together a great outfit. She looked great along with all the other darling little girls there. They did some really cute things at the party, taught the girls some ediquiette and they had jewels and tiara's for all of them. It was really cute and every girl there had a perfect afternoon, feeling fancy. It gave us some great ideas for an upcoming birthday party for Lib.

Here is Libby after being outfitted with acessories provided by the Library. We just happened to be the first people there so it was a nice time to take photos.

They taught the girls how to use their napkins, here is Lib making sure she is doing it right.

Fancy party or not...every girl still licked her frosting off the cupcake before eating it. Every girl fancy or not loves frosting.

Check out the pinky stuck up in the air. They taught the girls that this was the fancy way to drink. I love it.

It was a great afternoon for all the girls involved. Lots of pink, feathers, jewels, flowers and fun. Libby can't wait until her birthday party to invite her friends over for a Fancy Nancy Party. It was a great girls time for Liberty and I.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Happy Birthday Mom!

Happy Birthday To You!!
Mom got this yummy piece of chocolate pie...can't think of a better way to top off a great breakfast...we passed the plate around and everyone got to have a bite. YUM!

Today is Mom's b-day! We all trekked up to Mimi's for a yummy breakfast. Of course there was scrumptious food, great company, many laughs, even some tears (some were from being touched by gifts, others came from laughing hysterically!) I tell you, when all of us Peterson's get can be dangerous. I sort of feel bad for those who were sitting around us because maybe they just didn't get our crazy humor! But oh well, we were still ourselves even being in public. I must say that there is nothing I enjoy more than getting together with my family, we always have a great time. Check out these cute photos...I love the one of the birthday girl!

Mom showing off the lovely necklace that Liberty made her!

Everyone finishing up breakfast, and enjoying each other's company

Just outside Mimi's we stopped to get a photo of all of Craig is taking the photo so he isn't in it but this is the gang (minus Cort's husband Aaron, and my Craig). I don't think it is fair to stick the huge prego lady in the front! But we got some good laughs from it. Notice Craig being his normal funny self!

I am so blessed to have such a wonderful mother! She is a lady that I continually look up to, who I love and cherish. She loves everyone of us with every ounce of her being and like she said today (kind of jokingly kind of not) the best part of each of us is our children. I don't know another Grammy who loves her grandbabies more! I am so thankful for her example and everything she does. There are so many things that I love about her that I can't even being to list them. She is great!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Where have my feet gone????

Today I chose to run around running errands and basically wasting my time. I did have to go to Zach's class to help this afternoon, but other than that I didn't do much that was meaningful. I started to tackle my office to make room for my little man...this has created a bigger mess then I will ever admit. Does that happen to anyone else?? In the process of cleaning up and de-junking things are out of control messy!!! I hate it. Well, after running Zach to basketball practice I sat down cause I was so tired...I looked down and this is what I saw! YIKES!!

Admit it you would be frightened to look down and see your feet have doubled within 7 hours time!
I am not sure which looks more frightening...with our without the shoes. Nice indents that make a lovely sectioned look!

My feet aren't there anymore! I have stubs! I guess that is my ticket to take it easy for the next couple of days. With the other kids I have had the problem with swelling...well here it comes again! I don't like it one bit...the shoes I had on usually look cute on but not when my feet buldge out like this. AHH! Hopefully they will come back from time to time so it isn't so depressing to look at. I can't do much about will happen whether I want it to or not. So sad what our bodies go through during pregnancy!

Can't wait to have these feet again...I have grown to like them.

7 weeks and counting!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

14 Years and Going Strong!

14 years ago Craig and I married. I will never forget the day, it was freezing in Manti, snow and wind like crazy. We were the only couple being married in the Manti temple that day so we were taken care of by all the cute temple workers. We were surrounded by family and friends and the whole day was wonderful.

Over the past 14 years we have had so many experiences that have made us grown closer and stronger. We have 3 wonderful children with one more coming soon (very soon I hope). We just as every other couple have had our highs and lows all from which have been made us stronger. We live in an area that we love, we love our house even if it is a total work in progress! Basically, things have been are always getting better!

We were able to go out to dinner last night at Red Lobster, and just had a great time being out together. We forgot to have our server take a photo of us so we did the self portrait thing as we were walking out. We seriously laughed our heads off when we saw the outcome...we didn't try for another. I am dying over the double/triple chins!!! Not my favorite feature these days! Oh well! So laugh if you want, we sure did.

please don't laugh too much at our expense!!! not the best photos but we had to document it somehow!

This morning Liberty tried with all she had to get her brothers out of bed to make Craig and I breakfast in bed. They didn't want to get up...she came up crying and I got up and helped her make Craig breakfast. Who knew that a bowl of granola and a grapefruit with brown sugar could make a girls morning. She loves to do breakfast in bed!
Lib was so happy to bring Craig his breakfast in bed...she walked in and said, "Happy Anniversary Daddy!" She was really cute.

So here' s to many many more years together, just enjoying life. Happy Anniversary Craig! I love you!

Friday, January 9, 2009

My Student of the Week!

Zach came home from school so excited like he was ready to burst if he didn't tell me of course I asked what was going on. He ripped open his school binder and showed me a white water bottle with a blue lid. I knew right away what that meant. Zach was chosen as student of the week in his class. I love that he was so excited. He called Craig to tell him all about it and to ask if he could play XBox 360. I can't remember which order he discussed them in. The next day we recieved this post card in the mail from Zach's teacher. It was so cute and pretty much described Zach to the tee! He is a great boy and is kind and helpful to everyone, except for his little moments which all children have. We are proud of our little guy...he is so cute and still to this day amazes me with some of the things he comes up with! He is quite the comedian and we love it. Congratulations Zach!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Only Me!

Look at the smudge just above the OR in Explorer.

So look closely at this photo...I know, I know my car needs a good washing but do you see that spot that seems to be cleaner than everything around it? Well, there is a story behind the spot. This morning I was walking out to my car heading to run an errand, my hands were full with the library bag full of books, my purse, my cub scout notebook (I was heading to pick up awards for pack meeting tonight), and I had my keys in my hand also. As I was walking into my garage...I found a nice sheet of ice left from a cold night, and you guessed it, I was totally slipping with hands full. I tried to put my hands out to save myself, but in that split second I didn't think of dropping the contents of my hands to help me, that would have been to smart! At one point I thought I had saved myself, and that I wasn't going to fall...well that didn't last long, I completely lost it and fell I landed on one knee, my arm hit the fender of the car, because it was so dirty my white long sleeve shirt was totally dirty now, and you guessed it my face hit the back of my car! It was a good thing I thought to turn my head so it was my cheek that hit and not my nose, that could have been really ugly. I just sat there pulling myself together for just a minute and realized what had just happened. Now, I live on a busier street in PG and as I gathered myself my thought was I hope no one saw me do that, because I am sure it was quite entertaining, watching a gal who is 32 weeks big and pregnant slipping on ice, legs sliding all over, hands full and fall and hit her cheek on the car. But mostly the after effects of watching me stuck for a moment talking to myself would have topped it off. Nothing major happened. I am a bit sore, yes I still have the dirty white long sleeve shirt on, hey, my wardrobe is limited! My cheek is slightly red, but that will go away, but the mark on the car remains, which every time I look at it I laugh at myself. Only me! Way to go, Crick! Just call me Grace!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

So Much Snow!

It seems like it has been snowing forever! Honestly, I am ready for it to stop. I feel bad for Craig and the boys who are out shovelling the driveway constantly. The kids love it, Craig has no problem with it, but I think its nice for a while then I am done with it. Yesterday it snowed all day long, I don't think it stopped at all. We have tons of the white stuff everywhere. Last night as Craig was out once again shovelling Lib & Zach got all dressed in their snow clothes and went out to play (Caleb would have joined them but he was at wrestling). They were outside forever, loving every minute of it. The cold didn't seem to get to them at all. I kept going out to check on them to see if they wanted to come in for hot chocolate but seriously they were just running around, jumping in the white fluffy snow. Craig ended up pulling some strangers car up the hill because it couldn't make it on it's own, when he took off, I finally talked them into coming in. Of course that meant a pile of wet snow clothes laying by the front door drying, red noses, wet hair, and cold toes. It doesn't seem to hit them until they are inside just how cold it really is.

Craig taking a break from shovelling...helping Lib get her beanie on.

Check them out...enjoying the snow!

Check out the red cheeks, and wet stringy hair! This pretty much captures their fun!

They were trying to dig a snow cave in the big pile of snow from the driveway. I don't think they got very far.

This morning (wed.) I was so happy to see blue skies and even the sun!!! It is still cold outside but I love it! I looked out Craig's office window and said to him this morning, "Wow, all the snow makes our backyard look great." Check it out.

Looks like a winter wonderland...little do you know!

When really it is a total work in progress, piles of dirt, cinderblocks waiting to be laid and weeds! Yuck, it isn't the nicest looking normally. But snow makes it look inviting. I guess we have a break from the white stuff until Friday. At least that is what the weather man said...we shall see. This is the time of year I have a hard time with it, before Christmas it is expected but now that Christmas is over, it can go away!!! Or at least stay in the mountains....Is that too much to ask?

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Happy New Year!

Once again the Veenker Family ventured up to the cabin for our annual New Years Trip. Again it was a great time for all. No accidents, no drama, just fun times with the family. That is how we like it. We ate, and ate, and ate, and joked about how that seems to be all we do. After a meal was cleaned up someone would pull out some snack they had brought to share and we would just keep eating cause we couldn't let anything go to waste! There is something about being the mountains that says food! We played lots of fun games, took snowmobile rides (not me, but everyone else!), went sledding down a groomed by Grandpa and the snowcat sled run. There were some wild and crazy sledders, my daughter being one of them. Not surprising! We brought up the Xbox so the boys could have football tournaments, puzzles, naps, reading time and just relaxing. It was a lot of fun! The weather was so nice....cold and snowy but nice. It didn't start to actually snow until the wee hours of the morning the day we left so it worked out great. I had to laugh because me being the way that I am ... I brought all kinds of warm weather gear and honestly didn't use any of it. In fact my coat stayed on the hanger the entire time we were there. I didn't even wear it in, cause we rode in the snowcat! It was said that the snowcat was the best investment ever! I would have to agree! It was really fun to be up there with everyone except Elder Veenker! We sure did miss him but we know he is right where he needs to be now. Check out our photos of the fun time!

Here we are packed into the snowcat heading into the cabin!

Craig enjoying some down time!

Me just hanging out, watching all the fun going on around me!

A panaramic (spelling?) photo of fun upstairs in the cabin

Happy New Year 2009! Such excitement! We were all so tired! Not all of us made it until midnight.

Craig pulling Liberty's 2nd tooth...he used some cleaned fishing pliers...please don't ask! She was excited when the tooth fairy came to the cabin.

Boys will be boys!

Cabin trips wouldn't be complete without all the girls coloring at the kitchen table!

XBox tournament time!

Snowmobiles taking off for one of the many rides

Zach and Brooklynn coming in from playing outside in the snow cave and on the swing

Zach & John going after each other in the game Cowboy, Ninja, Bear (sort of an added twist to the game Mafia) really fun and very funny to watch

Most of the boys and men outside on the porch jumping all at the same time trying to get the snow to fall off the roof, so we don't have an incident like last year. If you are wondering it worked!

Caleb and Christopher had a muffin eating contest, to see who could eat a muffin you can tell from the photo Caleb won...I wish I had Grandma's video of it. It was unreal!

Here are some of the last ones at the cabin getting settled into the snowcat to head out to our cars.

Never a dull moment at the Veenker Cabin. Once again this year didn't disappoint! You know it was a great time when everyone is begging to stay longer!

Hope you have a DIVINE 2009!