Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Funny Photo

Okay, we just got an email from Elder Veenker...he sent us this great photo. Remember the story and photo of the sign Craig's dad made for him and hung on the building...well you have to see the photo Scott got. I laughed my head off. Yes, that is Craig's dad sitting in the window with his hard hat on! Priceless!

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Hey, Batter, Batter!

Take Me Out To The Ball Game!
Well, baseball season is in "full swing". (no pun intended!) For the next two months we will be spending at least 3 days a week and Saturdays at baseball games. With Caleb, Zach & Craig involved in baseball...Liberty and I are destined to be in the stands watching and cheering. Liberty went to 3 different games on Saturday and by the last one I was quick to see that this is going to get old really fast! At least for her. So its time to pack the baseball bag once again...with toys, crayons & paper, treats and all sorts of fun stuff for her. She is a trooper! I must say that baseball is not may favorite sport to watch, it seems slow but when my children get up to bat, make a play, or pitch the ball, I am the proudest mom there! Caleb had his first game yesterday and before it started he told me he set a goal to get a double...he got up to bat the first time and got hit in the elbow made it around the bases and got called out at home (which everyone thought he was safe, including the catcher of the other team!) Second at bat, he smashed the ball and got his double, could have been to third but great outfielding stopped that. Way to go Caleb! You reached your game goal! Zach has been pitching for his team. There is nothing better for a parent than to watch thier children do the things they love to do. Zach has the best look on his face when he throws a strike...I haven't quite captured it on film yet but hopefully through the season I will. Well, here's to a great season! There will be many hours at the field and practices, but tis the season! Baseball Season! PLAY BALL!
Zach winding up to pitch
Zach waiting to hear the umpires call.
Caleb after being called out at home...he wasn't too happy with the umpires call!

Caleb just before his smash hit!

Go Cubs! (Caleb's Team) Go Dirtbags! (Zach's Team)

Friday, April 25, 2008

Happy Birthday Liberty!

This photo taken after a 3 hour baseball game! We didn't even get to eat cake and open presents until about 8:45 pm. She had a great day! Grammy & Papa gave her a real tiarra...it was the hit of the birthday!

Happy Birthday Libby-Sue!

I am having a hard time grasping the fact that my baby girl is already 5! On one hand it seems like she has been in the family for much longer, but on the flip side...those 5 years have flown by. I can remember the day she was born, we were told to come to the hospital at 9:00 am and after the epidural and a nap for me (yes while in labor!) she arrived at around noon. It was a heavenly delivery and it has been a blast ever since. She keeps me on my toes. She is my shadow, she and I go to school together, shop together, play together, sing together, laugh together, cry together, and yes sometimes even yell together. I love her to pieces and honestly she never ceases to amaze me with some of the things she says and does. She is an absolute beauty. I love you Liberty! Happy Birthday!

This picture cracks me up...on Liberty's birthday her class came to Art class with me. We made some little spring flowers, and put them on popcicle sticks...I asked the kids to line up and when I turned back around, Liberty was standing in the middle of the rest of the class (who had made a circle around her) and they were fanning her with their flowers. She was living it up.

Here's the gang again...two b-day's in one month...poor Zach feels a little left out. But here they are just after singing to Liberty. They are so fun together. I love their goofy faces.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Jammed Packed Weekend!

WOW! What a weekend...we had a lot of fun.

I am pretty sure that this photo will got down in history for the most random birthday picture taken for our family. Caleb wasn't feeling well, Liberty is wearing some weird Christmas pajama shirt, and check out the sunburn on Zach's arms. Note...4x3=12. We couldn't figure out how to show how old Caleb was...this is what they came up with.

Friday: Caleb turned 12 on Friday! I cannot believe how fast he is growing up! YIKES! Happy Birthday! Caleb is a huge BYU fan, Craig and I got him a 2008 season football ticket. He was very happy about that. Friday after school (which happened to be the start of our week long spring break! YEAH!) we got a visit from Grammy & Papa, it was great to see them. When Craig got home from work we ventured out to Caleb's first YM/YW activity which happened to be a BYU Mens Volleyball game. Of course our entire family decided to go so we could all be together. Well, me being the mom I am was looking for a way to really celebrate his big day. Well as the game got going I quickly found just the guy to help me. I walked up to this guy (who had been walking around the crowd with a microphone!) asked him if he could get the crowd to sing to Caleb. He didn't let me down. After the first game I took Caleb down to the court (Caleb acted like he didn't know what was going on but I am still not sure) this guy introduced Caleb to the crowd and told everyone it was his 12th birthday. It was great the ENTIRE crowd (and the game was well atteneded) sang to my boy! Caleb was so embarassed, he does this thing with his toungue inside his mouth when he get nervous our embarassed. It was really fun. Our ward was congratulating him as we walked back up to our seats. Oh but the highlight of the night was when this same guy found Max Hall in the crowd. (Max Hall is the BYU quarterback, and just so happens to be Caleb's current BYU hero!) Caleb was in awe! I could tell he wanted his autograph so badly, but wasn't about to walk up to him alone. So Liberty being the great little sister, and it doesn't hurt that she hasn't learned embarassment yet...says to Caleb, "I'll do it!" Caleb walked her down to where he was sitting and Liberty walked right up to him and got an autograph. Of course it was written to her! That wouldn't cut it for Caleb...so he got the nerve up and asked for his own. I couldn't have planned it better myself...Max Hall looked up at Caleb and said,

"Hey, you're the Birthday Boy, aren't you?"

Caleb was so shocked that Max Hall would remember him! He was in heaven. They got their autographs and the night was complete. It was a great b-day for Caleb. Zach and Liberty had a great time also, before Liberty was so willing to help Caleb out, she came to me and asked for a paper and pen. When I asked her what she needed them for she said, "I'm going to go get Cosmo's signature!" That little girl wandered around the Smith Fieldhouse until she was able to finally get his attention and get the signature. She was on cloud nine! Zach on the other hand was doing everything he could with some friends from the ward to get Cosmo to come over to where we were sitting. When he finally came over...Zach thought it would be cool to jump up and wack poor Cosmo in the head! Boys will be boys. Cosmo turned around and gave him high five! Nice...I was telling Zach that wasn't nice and Cosmo is doing high fives! When will I ever figure out boys?

If you look really closely, you will see Caleb standing at center court being sung to! He is wearing a gray shirt and jeans.

Here is Zach with Cosmo, just after he had wacked him in the head!

Liberty with Cosmo

Saturday: came along and the day was planned with not much time to spare! Craig took the boys back down to BYU for a Football Clinic and the Spring Blue and White game. They had a great time, got sunburned, and loved hanging with the boys. Some of their cousins were there and it was fun to be with them. Shortly after they got home Liberty and I headed out with some of the cousins and aunts to go out to dinner and then to the Miss Pleasant Grove Pageant. We went to support Scott's girlfriend Stephanie. She did an amazing job. Way to go Stephanie! The night was full of laughing, and enjoying girl time!

Here we are waiting for the pageant to start. It was a great girls night!

The boys awaiting the football clinic to start.

Sunday: was church of course, a few meetings, a fast nap after the meetings & then back to the church where Caleb was ordained a Deacon. It is hard for me to believe that he is this old but seriously there has been a change in him that I am amazed by. He is becoming a great young man. It was a great night with family members there to share it with us. Someone said "Caleb we think you're a stud!" I would have to say I full-heartedly agree! My son is a totaly stud!
Me, Caleb & Grammy! Nice smile Caleb!!!

Craig, Caleb & Me...proud parents! We Love You Caleb!

Papa, Caleb, Craig, & Grandpa Veenker!

Monday: we woke up (late of course, it's SPRING BREAK!) Liberty and I went to run some errands while the boys played with cousins. Scott (aka Elder Veenker) left the MTC Monday morning for the airport to travel to Argentina. Grandpa had been working on a sign to hang from a building that a family friend is building...so we wanted to see it. The sign was not to be missed it was perfect. Great job Grandpa! I wanted to get some photos for the boys to see, but I only had my phone with me. Dang! I came home to find these photos sent by email.

Here is the cool sign! I am sure it wasn't missed!

Funny story, Craig's Dad just hung out in the second story window seen just below the sign watching for the MTC bus to drive by on the freeway. Cool photo...he caught a photo of the bus while driving up to the airport. Scott told him he got a photo of him sitting in the window under the sign. Oh the things a parent will do! (Scott got to call from the Airport I think)

Good Luck in Argentina Elder Veenker!!! We Love You!

I can't understand why this post has taken me 5 days to get posted. Spring Break is now almost over! I will post photos of that later. Hopefully it won't take me so long to do that!