Friday, January 9, 2009

My Student of the Week!

Zach came home from school so excited like he was ready to burst if he didn't tell me of course I asked what was going on. He ripped open his school binder and showed me a white water bottle with a blue lid. I knew right away what that meant. Zach was chosen as student of the week in his class. I love that he was so excited. He called Craig to tell him all about it and to ask if he could play XBox 360. I can't remember which order he discussed them in. The next day we recieved this post card in the mail from Zach's teacher. It was so cute and pretty much described Zach to the tee! He is a great boy and is kind and helpful to everyone, except for his little moments which all children have. We are proud of our little guy...he is so cute and still to this day amazes me with some of the things he comes up with! He is quite the comedian and we love it. Congratulations Zach!


Cari said...

All right Zach! Way to go!

Cortney Chambers said...

Good Job Zach!