Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Where have my feet gone????

Today I chose to run around running errands and basically wasting my time. I did have to go to Zach's class to help this afternoon, but other than that I didn't do much that was meaningful. I started to tackle my office to make room for my little man...this has created a bigger mess then I will ever admit. Does that happen to anyone else?? In the process of cleaning up and de-junking things are out of control messy!!! I hate it. Well, after running Zach to basketball practice I sat down cause I was so tired...I looked down and this is what I saw! YIKES!!

Admit it you would be frightened to look down and see your feet have doubled within 7 hours time!
I am not sure which looks more frightening...with our without the shoes. Nice indents that make a lovely sectioned look!

My feet aren't there anymore! I have stubs! I guess that is my ticket to take it easy for the next couple of days. With the other kids I have had the problem with swelling...well here it comes again! I don't like it one bit...the shoes I had on usually look cute on but not when my feet buldge out like this. AHH! Hopefully they will come back from time to time so it isn't so depressing to look at. I can't do much about will happen whether I want it to or not. So sad what our bodies go through during pregnancy!

Can't wait to have these feet again...I have grown to like them.

7 weeks and counting!


cari said...

I'm sorry Cricket! I was hoping you wouldn't have to deal with that this time!

As for the mess of cleaning and de-junking...that is totally my whole house. I can relate.

Cortney Chambers said...

Ok, I can't totally relate to the feet, well my face seems to look that way lately! I'll call it puffy--
But, the dejunking, cleaning is the biggest stress in my life right now---I feel like it's quicksand that doesn't go away! I'm soooo sick of all the messes.

Brandon & Shelly said...

That looks painful. Almost done though and I am sure the baby will be worth it. Good luck!