Thursday, February 25, 2010

Brit's Happy Day!

Here are some photos of Brit on his big first birthday! We had a very low key day with a visit from Grammy and Papa and Grandma. It was a great day celebrated for a great boy!

Good Morning Birthday Boy!
Zach checking out his Birthday present, his little green 4 wheeler

All buckled in heading out for our Birthday donut run!

Brit LOVES donut holes!

Brit asking Craig for help blowing up the ball Grammy & Papa gave him!

Here he is wondering why everyone was singing at him, not to mention all eyes on him!

He was one Happy Kid!

Look Mom NO HANDS!

Then he got an idea...

Let's turn the cake...

OVER!!! So fun!

Not to worry he quickly turned it right back over to continue eating his cake! He thought this was the best thing ever. Happy Birthday Brit!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Brit Turns ONE!

(Brit just hours after he was born)


The year has flown by! My little Brit is getting bigger and bigger, just like all babies do, so I am not too surprised. He has brought such a joy into our family. He is the cutest little guy and he is loved by all of us. I have LOVED watching him grow every day, sometimes major accomplishments and other days small things. His laugh is contagious, his smile melts your heart, his unstable walk is hilarious, and keeps you on pins and needles, wondering if he'll topple over. It is fun but hard to watch children grow up, before Iknow it Brit will be Caleb's age and that is hard for me to handle. So we'll just take one year at a time!

Happy Birthday to my darling Brit!

I love you so much! (I have a ton of photos to post but that will have to wait...we are busy around this house!)

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Apron Contest

Most of you know that I wear an apron everyday to work. It is a plain red apron with Miss Cricket embroidered along the top. I actually really like wearing it, teaching art sometimes can be messy and it saves my clothing.
This year for Valentine's Day a teacher at work decided it would be fun to decorate our aprons and have a contest. There was a chocolate prize....come on what woman wouldn't want to participate if there is chocolate involved. So I decided to make it easy, but still cute. This is what I came up with...
(this photo makes Craig's face and neck look huge, it doesn't look that way in real life!)
I took a photo of Craig and took it to the copy place and had it blown up...traced my hands on a few different colors and made them into flowers, there is actually a hand written note hanging by the bow a little love note from Craig. I wore it and got alot of laughs, strange looks from my students and some parents (I don't think they knew about the contest) but some
parents loved it.

Funny thing happened when I walked into the 1-5th grade classroom, they were lining up to go to lunch, one boy...laughed as he said...
"Wow, Miss Cricket, is that Donny Osmond?"
For the record, I don't think that Craig looks like Donny Osmond at all! But I did however think this comment was so funny, we all did. I told a class of 3 year olds that he was my Valentine and one said, "Oh, he's your daddy!" It thought that was cute.

It was a fun day, and the aprons were definatley the talk of the school. I didn't win the yummy chocolate, and that's okay, the winner's apron was very cute! Let's be honest I don't need another bite of chocolate!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Day 14!

We finally made it! The big day is here!

DAY 14 ... I LOVE ... BEING ME!

I know that may sound crazy...but seriously, I love being me. I have been blessed beyond belief. Every now and then I stop to think about how lucky I really am. It is sometimes hard to believe. I am surrounded with absolutely amazingly wonderful family, my kids, my hubby, my friends, my neighbors, my co-workers, ward members, and the list goes on and on! I know that many people have a hard time being comfortable in their own skin, I have been blessed with the understanding of I am who I am...I love being me. Sure there are things that I wish I could change about myself, I mean who doesn't want to shed some pounds, or loose the gray, or tighten some honest! But overall, I feel good about me! I hope this doesn't come across as being way too into myself, that's not where I am heading with this. I guess that today is one of the days that I think of everything I have in my life, and I feel so incredibly blessed! So yes, today I LOVE BEING ME!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Day 13!

Day 13 ... I LOVE...THIS GUY!

My Craig is a great husband...I am so blessed to be loved by him. I remember the day we met. I remember it like it was just yesterday, although it was over 15 years ago. Of course I would include him on my list. He has given me so much over our time together. He is my best friend, my support, my strength, my sweet heart, my everything. I love him more and more everyday! I feel so lucky to have such a great man! Love you Craig!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Day 11 & 12

Okay, okay, I know that I am slacking and getting behind, yesterday and today have been jammed packed! So here you go...


I have the best kids ever. I know you are thinking, boy she is sadly mistaken, because you have the best kids. That's okay, I am sure your children are the best! I am the first to admit that I am a CRAZY MOM! Most moments of the day I am trying to accomplish a million things at once. Somehow, we are still able to do the things we need to do and even get to the things that we want to do. I remember when I was pregnant with Caleb, I had an idea of the kind of mom I wanted to be. Well, 4 kids later, and my idea has changed from time to time but overall I can't complain. Let's be honest, there are moments and sometimes even days when I want to pull my hair out! But for the most part, we laugh, we joke, we play, we sing, we dance, we read, we watch, we sometimes cry, we sometimes get upset, we are human! But we love each other! I love my kiddos so much! They are incredible and I hope and pray every day that I can be the best mom to them! So far, they have turned out pretty good! At least I think so!
Brit-my lovebug! He loves to laugh, he's very entertaining, he's sweet as can be, he's growing and learning every day! He's a perfect addition to our family.

Liberty - my shadow! She's loving, a great singer, she's crafty, she's darling! She loves anything girly!

Zach- my jokester! He's so cute, he's energenic, he's a carnivore (meat eater), he loves his brothers and sister, he's compassionate, he's athletic.
Caleb - my handsome young man! he's taller than I am, he's athletic, he's a helper, he's funny, he's a great example to the younger children.



I must admit, I have a favorites list of people's blogs that I love to check in on. I probably only know 1/2 of the list personally. For whatever reason, I enjoy getting into people's lives. Is that bad? I don't do it to gossip, or make fun. I do it because there are some very creative, fun people out there who have their houses decorated darling, and seem like great people. I doubt that I will ever meet Disney of "Ruffles and Stuff" (my sister sent me this blog to check out), but I love checking in on her every day or two. This crazy world of blogs is pretty cool. Some of my favorites that I check daily are:

These are just a random few of the many I enjoy checking.
So what...I am a stalker...don't say you aren't!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Day 10


(Dreaming by Jo Parry found on Google)
Years ago while on the phone with my mom I was telling her about many things I had hoped to do with my family, home, you know just life in general. I said to her, "you know just dreaming!" She said something that has stuck with me, I find myself thinking of it often. Her comment to me was...

I loved it! She was right. It never hurts to dream. Sometimes those dreams come true! Dreaming is something I do probably on a daily basis. I dream for new clothes, I dream for blue skies on gray days, I dream of a yummy dessert after a great dinner, I dream of the changes I want to make to my house, I dream that my children will always remain close to each other, I dream to be a better mom, I dream to be a better wife, and the list goes on and on.

What do you dream about?

Whatever it is...I hope that all your dreams come true!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Day 8 & 9

So I had a packed day yesterday and didn't get to my love list! So today I will make up for it!

Forget the cute pink backpack today...this girl needs something with a little more umph! Check out this bag! I LOVE IT!

I must admit...sometimes this is a blessing and sometimes this is a curse! She comes up with some really interesting outfits some times, some that end up with her crying cause I won't allow it. But truly I love that she has a sense of style. She is opinionated in what she will wear, or not wear more like it! She will call out someone who isn't modest, sometimes to their faces! (We are working on that!) She loves colors, accessories, shoes, skirts, and it's fun! I love that I get to have one girl in the house with me. She's the best!


(these aren't my hands...but you get the idea!)

I know it sounds ridiculous, but I love painting my nails red. Everytime I look down at my hands I get a grin on my face. Who would have thought something so simple could bring such joy! Well for me it doesn't take much apparently! Try it, paint them red...true, real red!!! I can almost be sure you will smile!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Day 7


Okay, I was just introduced to this yummy dessert at a High Council Christmas party. From what I hear I have been out of the loop cause almost everyone I know has the recipe. I love always loved fried ice cream but hardly ever get it when we go out for mexican. But this dessert is tasty...and so very easy! You must try it if you haven't. Here is the recipe:

Fried Ice Cream Dessert (The recipe I was given calls it Christmas Dessert, but there is NO NEED to wait for Christmas for this yumminess!)

1 stick butter melted

2 cups Rice Cripies
1 cup coconut
1 cup brown sugar
3/4 cup chopped cashews
Mix well - press 1/2 to 2/3 of mixture in 9x13 pan.
Slice 1/2 gallon ice cream (vanilla) 3/4" thick - lay on top of crust layer. Smooth until even in pan.
Sprinkle the rest of the crumbs on top.
1 pkg raspberry Danish Dessert
1 pkg frozen raspberries
Follow directions for sauce on box.
Add raspberries.
Keep sauce at room temp
To serve:
cut ice cream into squares and top with raspberry sauce. VERY YUMMY!
Try it and see if you fall in love with it! Let me know.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Day 6

They are one of my favorite treats EVER! I love them dipped in cold milk until they get soggy! That is my favorite way to eat them. I love the frosting stuff in the middle...yes, I break open the cookie and eat most of that first. DELICIOUS!!! While looking online for a picture of oreos...I came acrossed this creation! Seriously, it looks heavenly to me! What do you think?

I am pretty sure this is the entire package of double stuff's all stacked up to make one. So tell you like Regular Oreos or Double Stuff? To each his own!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Day 5

Day Five...I LOVE...COLOR!

I must admit that I am amazed by all the colors that I am surrounded by. I know that may sound strange...but I love it! I love bright colors, light colors, and everything in between! There is nothing better than walking out of the house and seeing a bright blue sky, white clouds and green grass. Also, watching the mountains change colors in the fall. Walking through the mall and seeing all the cute clothes in different colors. Really, who can resist a brand new box of crayons in a rainbow of colors! I love it. For a long time I have been wanting to add some MAJOR color to my house. I currently have one red wall and the rest a pretty tan/taupe color...this is the year I am going to do it! I WANT COLOR! A bunch of it! It only brightens a home! So watch for posts of which colors I choose to do in what rooms! I am way excited. I don't know if my family is...but they will just have to grow to love it!

Next time you are driving around, take time to notice the colors. It is truly amazing!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Day 4

Day 4 ... I LOVE...Brit's Expressions!

This one is by far my favorite!
I know it's a blurry photo but the expression still shows

Who knows!
These photos were taken on one of his majorly bad hair days! Notice the horn on top of his head!

So innocent! I love this kid!
Seriously, this little guy makes the best expressions ever! I only wish that I could capture them all. What is funny is he has been doing this since day one! I love it, they make me laugh so hard. But hey, it's hard not to love this kid!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Day Three


I love to read. I will have to say that I love reading Nicholas Sparks books such as

The Notebook

A Walk To Remember

The Guardian

The Wedding

Lucky One

Dear John

A Bend In The Road

Three Weeks with My Brother

Message In a Bottle

The Rescue

I love them all. I am trying to get my hands on The Last Song right now. As much as I love the books, I love the movies also! What can I say, I am sucker for a good chick flick...and usually a good cry (which alot of I end up crying in!)

If you haven't read his books, I recommend you do! Happy Reading!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Love Month Is Here!

There isn't a better time for Valentine's Day! The winter is getting old, and we need something to take our minds off of it. What better than LOVE MONTH! It's perfect! So Happy Love Month! I can't believe I forgot to start my 14 days of things I love yesterday. I got this idea from a good friend's blog...last year I started to do it also. Everyday until Valentine's day, I will be posting about something I love. It is a fun way to celebrate a great time of year!


Kids Village! I am blessed to work at a place that I love! It is a great school, with great teachers, whom I call my friends, and it's awesome to work in such a magical atmosphere! It's not a job that I dread going to, I actually look forward to it. I don't know how many can say that!


(Photo taken Christmas Morning...hence the mess!)

My slippers are the best! The kids gave them to me for Christmas and I love them. I sometimes don't realize that I have them on and I go to sleep with them on. They are comfy, and warm and not to mention "perty darn" cute if I do say so myself!