Tuesday, March 31, 2009

It's Not Just Me!

Just to show you that I am not the only one who can't get enough of our new little man I wanted to post these photos. I don't know how we haven't gotten some photos of Craig with Brit. I will have to work on that.

I find Caleb often with Brit laying on the ground just talking to him. He talks sports with him. He can't wait to be able to teach him all he knows.

In case you are wondering...yes, Zach is sniffing Brit's head. It isn't uncommon for Zach to come right up to Brit and just smell him. Like he needs his fill of Brit's odor. He says he loves the smell of him. I just laugh, who doesn't love that new baby smell...but do we all come up and take a good wiff? Only Zach!

Liberty helping me out taking a turn feeding Brit. She is constantly wanting to be around him, I don't think it would be a stretch if I said she gives him 200 kisses a day. The girl can't get enough kisses! I just worry she is bringing some germ home from school and is sharing them with him. So we have to tell her now she needs to kiss him on the top of the head! But really she loves the little man.

So there is some proof that I am not the only one who just can't get enough of this little guy. He has stolen all of our hearts! But someone told me that we can't spoil him we just love him. So hopefully we aren't loving him too much!

Monday, March 30, 2009

Brit's Blessing Day

Brit in his Blessing outfit

Today was a big day for Brit. He was blessed by his dad, and I will say that it was an absolutely beautiful heart felt blessing. We enjoyed having many family members visit our ward and then come to our house for a nacho bar! It was a lot of fun and great to spend time with family. Brit looked so cute, and did great considering all the commotion going on around him.

Here's the last minute feeding right before heading to church.

Brit hanging out after church, wishing he could have a nacho or two. You gotta love the tie onesie...he looked so cute.

Craig and I with Brit just after church.

We had a great day, one that we will remember.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

One Month Already!!!

They grow up so fast! One month old! Crazy!
I really can't believe that Brit is now ONE MONTH OLD! Man, how time flies! It seems like just yesterday that he was kicking inside of me. (Not that I want to go back to those days!) He is a darling baby, an addition to our family that has brought such happiness and love. As I type he is swinging next to me making the cutest baby sounds and coo's. I love it. Even if the "to do" list never gets done anymore, it is all worth it. He takes up most of my time and I love it! I mentioned to the older kids that Brit was one month old and Lib said, "we better make a cake for him!" So, who am I to pass up some cake! So we had a little celebration for his "birthday"...but he was sound asleep and missed all the festivities! Oh well, there are more to come!

Libby just waiting to have some celebration cake! YUM!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

My Little Man

He looks so cute...like a little man

I hope no one gets sick of seeing our new photos of Brit. I can't seem to get enough of this little guy. I am feeling bad and I need to be better at taking photos of the other kids, but seriously they are in on all the photos of Brit. We all can't seem to get enough of him. But here are the latest photos of him. He's so cute.

Just relaxing after a nice bath

He's even cute when he cries....although I like it when he doesn't cry.

sound asleep

a little tummy time
If you are sick of seeing photos...too bad! I know that this will not be the last post of cute baby photos.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Spring Has Sprung

Welcome Spring!!!

We're SO Glad You're Here!!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Green Day Celebration

Our St. Patrick's Day started early this morning with magic (according to Liberty) green blueberry waffles. (Just a side note from the sneaky Leprachan ... when she opened the cupboard this morning and found only blue food coloring ... she was in a panic ... luckily it worked out fine.) Liberty was running around telling everyone about our green breakfast, after a few minutes everyone was in the kitchen looking at this...

Doesn't this look inviting?

The kids loved these...they kind of look like shamrocks!

Caleb wasn't in the mood for this craziness. He said he wouldn't eat the waffles but being his mother I knew he would give in. After eating everyone got ready for the day. It is fun to see how each of the kids got into the festivities.

This is how much GREEN Caleb wore...

We wouldn't want him to go overboard.

Zach was in a search for something green. Both of us searched his closet and drawers and seriously this was the best we could do. Yes there is a green stripe in this shirt. The boy doesn't own anything green. Kind of funny!

Really there is green in this shirt. He only had 1 person pinch him because they didn't see it right off.

Liberty, well she couldn't get enough of it. She was totally into the GREEN scene. We didn't find the headband until after school but that didn't stop her from wearing it all afternoon.

She even had shamrock socks on...you just can't see them.

Brit looked cute in his green. But he had no choice his sister insisted on him wearing green.

Can't you see how happy he is about wearing green! He is starving...he acts like I haven't fed him in weeks. Can't you see he is withering away!

While the kids were at school the sneaky Leprachan made another visit. This time decorating the house with shamrocks, confetti, and a Happy St. Patty's Day sign. Lib of course was the first one home and she seriously soaked all of it up. Loving every minute of it. Caleb and Zach just got little smirky smiles on their faces.

Craig was working from home today and he just laughed at me...until I said, "this is what our kids will remember! I think he got why I was going to all the effort.

We finished up the fun with an almost all GREEN meal. We had, green salad, green beans, bread (white not green), green punch, pears, and Malibu Chicken (not green...but very tasty!) As part of our meal fun, I found these cute freezer mugs at the dollar store and new they had to be an addition to our St. Patty's day fun. Everyone had a great time!!! We still haven't had dessert but that will be brownies with green frosting & carmel green apple pie! YUM!

Everyone getting ready to eat up!!! Everyone except Brit...he was sleeping.

This "Beanie O' Greenie" is something we have had for years. I pulled it out of the box of decorations and had to get a photo of all the kids wearing it. We also looked up our Leprechan names on Facebook. Lots of laughs.

"Stingy O'Conner"

A nice self portrait of Caleb wearing the hat.

"Big Nose O'Conner"
Zach looking cute as ever.

"Sneaky O'Conner"

She wasn't too happy to have to wear this. She likes the headband much better.

"Junk in the Trunk O'Conner"
Seriously...could this be any cuter?

The day was completed with Zach giving us a demonstration of what his teacher taught them today...IRISH DANCING! Check out these moves.
This kid has some serious moves!

River Dance eat your heart out.

Today has been so much fun for me. It makes me want to be more like this on just average days. It is amazing what a little food coloring, colored paper and enthusiasm can do. So here's to many more fun days!

By the way...Craig's Leprechan name is "Tight Fisted O'Conner" and mine is "Fluffer Nutter O'Conner" who knows what that means...but when entering my full name is came out "Botox O'Conner" I don't know which is better.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Top 'O The Morning To You!

I couldn't go without wishing all a very Happy St. Patty's Day! I don't know why but I think this day is so much fun. I am having so much fun with the sneaky Leprechaun who keeps coming to our house. I have some photos but they will have to be posted later...I have other things to do right now. But have a great GREEN day!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Bobcat, Baby Cries, Baby Faces & Baby Bath Buddah

Okay, so I haven't posted anything for awhile...a few things have happened. Zach finally after about 7 months of working on it earned his Bobcat for Scouts. He was excited...to finally recieve his badge last night.

Zach giving his Scout leader the Scout handshake

There has been a lot of this....

It amazes me how fast he can go from the upper to the lower photo

He seems so peaceful!

Poor Brit is just trying to get used to everything...he will go from the saddest cry where his face turns bright red to being the most peaceful little guy cuddled up on my shoulder in seconds. I think we are headed to a very spoiled little boy. But to have a cuddly little guy right now is so worth it...I love how he snuggles up to us.

We have captured many cute faces. It is amazing how one cute little look makes us forget about the crying fits.

Just a little bit of tummy time

"How You Doing?"

"Peace Out"

Brit just relaxing before his bath

And yes, Brit now likes the bathtub. We need to go and get a real baby bathtub because the little pink plastic tub that the hospital sent us home with just isn't cutting it anymore. It seems he has outgrown it. Look at my little baby buddah! I love this photo.

Tight Fit

Feeling pretty good just after a bath

Saturday, March 7, 2009


I must say that our little family have been so spoiled over the last week and a half. We have some amazing friends, family, and neighbors, they have taken such good care of us, bringing in meals, bringing treats, and giving gifts. I couldn't go with out saying thank you to all of them. We feel very blessed each and every day being surrounded by these people. We couldn't ask for better people in our lives. Thank you to everyone!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Little Mom

Liberty the Little Mom

I knew that Liberty was excited to have a baby around but I am finding it funny the things she is most excited about. She loves baby clothes...she is constantly asking if we can change the baby's clothes. Like every diaper change. She can't wait for him to fit into certain outfits. She gets so excited about it. I just laugh.

Last night she was begging me to let her help give him a bath. Okay, not a big deal. This would be the first time I actually submerged him in water...before I have just done sponge baths. Well, his reaction wasn't one of joy. Not at all, the boy cried like no tomorrow! Liberty just sat there wide eyed looking from him to me and finally said, "Mom, I don't think he likes it." I wonder where she got that idea? It made her sad to see him so upset, not to mention how I felt. She feelings quickly changed when it was time to get him dressed, she found the whole outfit, down to some slippers that we couldn't even get on his feet but she tried very hard.
Zach took this photo while Lib & I tried to calm him down. I think you can tell how happy he is.

okay, i knoe these are the cutest little slippers ever. A fiend is letting us borrow baby boy clothes and when we saw these we fell in love. We tried so hard to get his foot in and they wouldn't go in. Lib was sad. She said they looked so cute with the outfit we had to take a photo.

She is loving her brother, she can't give him enough kisses. I find her in his room by the crib just talking to him. She wants to hold him and help feed him. It is fun to watch her with him. I know they will have a great relationship. She will make sure of it!!!

Future Is So BRIGHT I Gotta Wear Shades!

Check out these shades! NICE!

I couldn't go without posting about Brit's days in the lights. We had to have his poor little heel pricked 5 times for jaundice. The last couple of times he seriously didn't even flinch when they pricked him and then proceeded to squeeze the crud out of his little heel. He has tons of little cuts on his heel still. I will say that I hate taking off the band aids because everytime I did he would start to bleed again and that is when the crying happened. I felt awful!
This kind of shows how much Brit really liked the bed!

We got our results on Saturday that he needed to spend time in a "Bili Bed" (you know the horrible light bed). It was delivered on Saturday night and it just so happened that Brit and I were home alone. I got it all set up and stripped him down to his diaper, and placed his nice goggles on him...which when they say one size fits all...apparently they haven't met my boy! They didn't stay on him for anything, his head was too big. I got them on as best as I could and placed him in the bed. The poor boy was wedged into the bed. His head hit one end and his little long toes would wrap around the plexi glass on the other end. HE HATED THIS THING! Which of course made me hate it...all he did was cry. A cry I had never heard from him before. It was horrible.

See...he doesn't fit! We would put him in on an angle and it helped a little bit. But really, does this look comfy to you?

Two days of this...yes, of I will be honest we did really well that first night keeping him under it unless he was eating or having a diaper change, but then we cheated. I was up with him most of the night because he kept waking up from hitting his head or hand or feet. The second day we just would do it here and there. This baby is a cuddler and he was really struggling. By the third day Craig had a great idea...we sort of unscrewed a screw and was able to open the bed up wide, and placed it on the sides of his crib and he did much better with that. But still was never comfortable. Finally we got the okay to not use lights. Which when I heard that I did a happy dance. This morning when the guy came to pick up the bed...I haven't been so happy to see something go away in a very long time!

I know that this isn't the best picture but this was the sweetest thing that Zach did for his baby brother. Zach was waiting to go to church and couldn't handle Brit crying. He felt so sad for him. Zach sat right beside the bed and held Brit's hand and sang to him for like 20 minutes. I couldn't tell what he was singing so I asked him and he said, "I am just making up songs about him being my buddy." My tender heart Zach. It was one of those moments I will never forget.

To help keep the goggles in place we put a beanie on him and put the goggles over the beanie. When we got it all on I cracked up cause he reminded me of one of the characters on Fat Albert cartoon. You know this guy-
Brit is doing fine, we keep him in natural light just to help him along. It is a good thing that he won't remember that bed...it wasn't a fun experience. But we do what we have to do. The photos are priceless...but I don't want that again.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Daddy Daughter Ball

Liberty and Craig had a chance to go to the Kids Village Daddy Daughter Ball last night. The anticipation of this has been almost painful for Liberty. We got her hair curled and she got dressed and they were off for a fun evening together. They were so cute walking out the door, she had a bounce in her step, and they were holding hands. So cute.

She was still very excited when they came home, she told me all about the dancing, crafts, treats, pictures and being with her date....Dad. She said to me, "Mom, he even opened my doors for me." She thought that was so cute. I know that she had a great time, one night she won't forget. She said that they had a great time dancing that her dad picked her up and twirled her around. I wish I could have been there to watch them have this time together.

Here there are just about to head off together...can't you see her excitement. I love it.