Thursday, January 8, 2009

Only Me!

Look at the smudge just above the OR in Explorer.

So look closely at this photo...I know, I know my car needs a good washing but do you see that spot that seems to be cleaner than everything around it? Well, there is a story behind the spot. This morning I was walking out to my car heading to run an errand, my hands were full with the library bag full of books, my purse, my cub scout notebook (I was heading to pick up awards for pack meeting tonight), and I had my keys in my hand also. As I was walking into my garage...I found a nice sheet of ice left from a cold night, and you guessed it, I was totally slipping with hands full. I tried to put my hands out to save myself, but in that split second I didn't think of dropping the contents of my hands to help me, that would have been to smart! At one point I thought I had saved myself, and that I wasn't going to fall...well that didn't last long, I completely lost it and fell I landed on one knee, my arm hit the fender of the car, because it was so dirty my white long sleeve shirt was totally dirty now, and you guessed it my face hit the back of my car! It was a good thing I thought to turn my head so it was my cheek that hit and not my nose, that could have been really ugly. I just sat there pulling myself together for just a minute and realized what had just happened. Now, I live on a busier street in PG and as I gathered myself my thought was I hope no one saw me do that, because I am sure it was quite entertaining, watching a gal who is 32 weeks big and pregnant slipping on ice, legs sliding all over, hands full and fall and hit her cheek on the car. But mostly the after effects of watching me stuck for a moment talking to myself would have topped it off. Nothing major happened. I am a bit sore, yes I still have the dirty white long sleeve shirt on, hey, my wardrobe is limited! My cheek is slightly red, but that will go away, but the mark on the car remains, which every time I look at it I laugh at myself. Only me! Way to go, Crick! Just call me Grace!


cari said...

Cricket! I'm glad you're okay! Stupid ice! That is really scary. I remember falling when I was pregnant with Emma. I fell flat on my butt and I thought my water broke. I was heart-sick. I went to the doctors just to find out I peed my pants when I fell and all was well. Embarrassing but well.

Cortney Chambers said...

oh my goodness----you need to be careful--once I fell in the cultural hall chasing jack as he ran out of sacrament meeting and yes, a lot of people saw! why is it always so funny after the fact?

Brandon & Shelly said...

I think the best part of the story is that you took time to stop and take a picture of the smudge on the back of the car. You totally make me laugh. Glad to hear that you are okay and not hurt.