Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Our DEER Neighbors

One of our winter neighbors!

We have our neighbors back. Every winter since we have lived here right around January our neighbors come back...we have anywhere from 3 to 8 deer who live in our backyard. They just hang out under the trees and eat whatever they can find. It is fun to watch them out the window, the kids love it! There have been times that they give us a fright...for instance...standing by the kitchen sink which has a window right above it and haveing something catch your eye and notice you are being stared at by a large deer. Or coming home late one night and making your way up to the door (our garage is detached) and seeing a deer standing right by the door frozen looking right at you. Believe me that is a strange rush feelings all at once. They usually stick around until spring...they wander but eventually come back over the time they are here. Last year they were what brought the cougars down to our community...which they aren't welcome if they do that again this year! We don't want cougars! But for now it is great to open my blinds each morning and look out and see them. Who knows how long they will be here! We shall see!

Here is one with more in it...this was just after the snow stopped falling yesterday. There are 3 but the photo is dark. Sorry.