Friday, July 31, 2009

You Just Never Know What They'll Do

My kids will always make me laugh...check this one out!

I was busy in the kitchen making some zuchinni bread minding my own business. Brit was asleep, Zach was at Seven Peaks with a friend and Caleb and Liberty were playing the Wii. But after mixing up the bread I looked into the family room and this is what I saw...

Yep, I looked up to see Liberty standing next to Caleb feeding him orange wedges. I just laughed and ran to grab the camera. All I have to say is WHATEVER!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Someone Had A Birthday!

Craig is one year older and wiser too! (Gotta love Primary Songs). Overall, I think that I failed at making this day special for him and I feel bad. We were so busy all day and it basically came down to a quick, sorry rendition of Happy Birthday at 10:00 pm and before he could blow out the candles on the cake we made Zach swooped in and blew them all out. So this photo is him acting like he blew them out but he really didn't. Craig is such an amazing part of my life...I love him so much. He is a wonderful Father to Caleb, Zach, Liberty and Brit and we all look to him as an example. I have vowed to make his special day next year AMAZING! I hate when life gets in the way of family. It may be time to re-think what we are doing with our time. Happy 37th Birthday Craig, we'll make this the best year yet! I love you!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Quick Stop Time!

Is he CUTE or what???

I am having a hard time believing how fast time if flying. Brit is 5 Months old already! He is getting bigger everyday and cuter by the minute. He is starting to talk more (more like baby babble), picking up things, and playing with his toys. He will scoot himself around his crib with his heels dug into the mattress and pushing off, it is quite funny to watch...he talks to his feet and hands, and loves to eat his toes. He is so cute, and such a good baby, I have a hard time with him growing so fast...but on the other hand I love watching what he can do. But I better not blink cause before I know it he will be walking and talking. AHHH!

One more just cause I thought this was cute...he is looking at Craig in the hallway. He loves his Dad!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Stay-Cation Day 3

Stay-Cation Day 3
*Kick-Ball*Water Slide*Food*Family*Fun*

For our final day we all started at Lindon Elementary for a great game of soda pop kickball (but we used Capri Suns). This is played like normal kick ball except when you get to first you have to stop and get a Capri Sun opened ready to drink...the catch is you can only drink while you are running. You have to have every drop gone by the time you get home because if you aren't done you can't touch home until you are done. When I kicked I was so worried that I would choke while running cause I was scared of getting hit with the ball. Which happened a couple of times, if you can believe it the only one who got hit by the ball (other than being tagged out) was Grandma. I hate to say this (I even told her this) but it was so funny, both times she was the innocent by standard and got pegged twice in the head/face/chest. The entire family was rolling and laughing so hard, luckily she wasn't seriously hurt, and she was a very good sport about it. It was something I don't think anyone will forget! After playing we headed to Grandma & Grandpa's house for a BBQ and water fun. We ate yummy food, and played in the water for most of the day. As we were cleaning up the adults decided that a nice quiet dinner out would be the best way to finish things off. We all headed home and got the families settled and headed to Spanish Fork to go to Prestwich Farms, a old family favorite...with lots of history. 4 of the 7 Veenker children worked there in all different positions. Fond memories of good food.

Overall, I think the Stay-cation was a huge hit! The kids had a great time, the adults didn't complain about it other than footing the bill...but it was a great family memory!

Play Ball!

Zach ready to run!
Craig on 1st base waiting to run and drink his Capri Sun.

Zach waiting his turn to go up the slide

All the kids playing on the waterslide. They were all having a great time until it got too crazy and the plug had to be pulled.

To end off a great weekend all the adults headed out for a great dinner at Prestwich Farms. YUM! At different times Craig, Lori, Wendy, & Doug all worked there. It was a perfect way to end the fun.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Stay-Cation Day 2

A quick shot of most of the family...we are missing a few...John, Scott, Lori & McKay

Stay-Cation Day 2
State Capital * Gateway * Bingham Copper Mine * BBQ * Swimming

Some how I got the order of these photos all mixed up but was too lazy to fix them. So this is what we did but in a different order.

Day two brought all kinds of excitement...we started early and headed from Park City to Salt Lake City. First we headed to the State Capital. We decided to do this because many of us had never been there for a tour before. It was interesting..and honestly a pretty cool place. From the Capital we headed to lunch at Wendy's. I had to laugh that we filled up one half of the dining area. After eating we headed to the Gateway...some of us went to the Clark Planetarium and others went to the movies, and some went to Discovery Gateway (the children's museum). We all had some fun then left to go to Bingham Copper Mine another place that none of had been to. It took a while to get there but it was interesting once we were there. After our drive home we headed to a BBQ and swimming at the new Lindon Pool. Another fun day. Check out the photos.

A quick pick me up ... nothing like cold ice cream on a blazing hot day!

Liberty climbing the rock wall...she is up at the top right here.

Zach pretending to be a KSL news anchor

Brit once again was a trooper...I can't believe how well he did hanging out in his stroller for 3 days.

Liberty and Zach at Discovery Gateway

Craig and Brit just outside the Captial Building

Here we are starting our tour.

Zach playing around in some random safe in the Capital Building

Caleb totally enthusiastic about the Senate Chamber portion of the tour.

Liberty standing in front of a replica of the Liberty Bell

When Liberty walked up to this display in the museum she said to her cousin..."oh tell me this isn't darling." I just laughed...little mini trucks on some sand is darling.

Zach trying to catch grasshoppers...they were all over the place.
Caleb looking out at the pit.

A quick family photo before heading into the museum.

Stay tuned for day 3!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Stay-Cation's All I Ever Wanted!

Stay-Cation Day One

July 9, 2009 * Park City Mountain Resort
This is a long post!

The first day of our Stay-Cation we all ventured up to Park City to spend the day playing on the Alpine Slide, Alpine Coaster, Zip Line and all the other fun things there. We played really hard...and had a great day. When we first got there we were disappointed to hear that both the zip line and Alpine Coaster were closed. We all hoped that by the end of the day they would be opened. This was the first time being there for many of the family...I went there the first year I moved to Utah so it has been awhile.

Everyone hit the Alpine slide first and loved it. We all went down it many times through the day. We got word that the Zip Line had opened so Craig and I ran up and got into line with his parents. I will tell you that the anticipation of getting to the front of the line is crazy...I got nervous, excited, then nervous again. Let me describe this for those who aren't sure what it is...for both the Alpine Slide and the Zip Line you ride the ski lift up to a certain point and then to get down the mountain you ride these rides. So for the Zip Line you are up the mountain you get strapped into these little chairs and push your feet against this little door and after the worker radios down to the bottom and you hear "drop'em" as a response the door swings open and you are flying in your little chair that is hooked to a cable down the mountain. I screamed at the first initial plunge but after that it was great. Mainly because Craig was such a big talker that he was going to beat me down to the bottom...well let's just say that I SMOKED him! Here is a photo I found on google to show what you are sitting in...I didn't get a photo of me or Craig on it.

It was really seriously fly or "zip" down the mountain. So glad I got to do it because that was the only time I did all day...the lines got really long.

After the Zip Line we played around seriously it was a great day...after eating lunch and taking a break to check into our hotel (we stayed one night in a hotel) and taking the kids swimming we headed back for more fun. When we got back we heard that the Alpine Coaster was opened. So of course we ran up there. Okay, I was a bit stressed out about this cause all of my children were going on it. You sit in these...(again photo from Google)
you have a little seat belt can either ride single or double and you are hanging on for dear life. While in line I told Craig he had to take Liberty cause I was so nervous I didn't want her to feed off my nerves. So I went alone. You get all settled into your cart thing and you actually ride this up the mountain instead of the chair lift. It winds up the moutain and it is so pretty. Before I took off up the mountain the worker said to me...keep your seat belt on and don't brake or stop for anything and keep the stick (which controls your speed) pinned. The more I think about it I think he knew that I was nervous...because he told Craig something totally different. To keep it pinned means you are FLYING at top speed. I was scared for my life! I was whipping around these turns and bumps and seriously I was going so fast. Even Craig said that he (and he loves going fast) had to use his brakes around some of the turns. I got of shaking! Craig just laughed when I told him that I never broke and kept my stick pinned. I could have loosened up on the stick to go slower! HELLO! I was just listening to the worker kid, thanks alot! I made it down and wouldn't go on it again. Caleb, Zach and Liberty got off yelling "That was AWESOME!" They kept going on it over and over. So note to don't have to listen so literally to the worker kid ever again! Our day was really fun we all got fried! But I think it was a great way to start our Stay-Cation. Check out the photos...

Craig and I on the chair lift heading up to the Zip Line

Craig and the boys heading up the mountain right when we got there...I think they were one of the first ones on. They didn't want to wait for Lib and I.

Caleb coming off his first ride...great fun. Christopher beat him this time but not all day long.

Hayden and Zach coming down the final stretch of the slide

Here is Liberty and Grandma riding down together.

Craig went down and was surprised how long it the day went on, he got going so fast it was crazy

Brit's first carosel ride...he loved it. It was so nice they had little rides and mini golf and other smaller things for people to do.

Caleb playing in the pool

Zach swimming

Liberty loved playing in the pool

Brit just after taking his first swim ever...he loved it and only drank half of the water!!!

Back at Park City Mountain Resort...I couldn't believe what a trooper Brit was all day long being outside most of it and he was as happy as could be. That was so helpful.

By the end of our day...Libery was riding the carousel and you can see that she was pretty tired...she rode the entire ride like this...she was totally in a trance. Kind of funny.

Zach taking his turn on the bungee/trampoline thing...he got to jump for 5 minutes and after he got off he was tired...he said his legs were hurting. Good work out I guess.

One last family photo just before leaving the resort. We all got so burnt but it was so much fun. The kids were asking when we could go back as we left. I guess that means they loved it.

So that sums up our first day...after leaving the resort we went out to pizza...very long story we walked and after ordering I was left with 3 teenagers, a 10 year old, a 6 year old and Brit...while the others went to get the cars. Caleb went to sprinkle some red pepper flakes on his pizza and the entire jar spilt on one piece...I wish I would have thought to take a photo cause we were all laughing...Lib was sitting right next to him and she ended up with a massive bloody
nose ...which almost made others at the table throw up cause they were grossed out. We laughed and laughed. Lots of other funny things happened that night but I will spare you the details, let's just say we'll keep them in the family. Great times. Day Two coming soon.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Best Friends and Bocce Ball

I love these girl-la's (and no we didn't call each other and plan our attire!!)
Liz and Jade came to town so it gave us a chance to get together. It was as always so good to get together with my long time friends. We were able to meet Dana's boyfriend and get to know him. We ate yummy food at Dana's house and then headed to the park to play some Bocce ball. This was the first time that most of us had we all enjoyed ourselves, and got some great laughs. It was lots of fun and I can't wait for the next time we can get together.
Me throwing the ball for the first time

All the men measuring which ball is the winner.

Everyone waiting for their turn to throw.

Craig and Brit taking there turn.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Sidewalk of Fire

Every year we head over to Todd & KyLee's house to have our very own "Sidewalk of Fire"
it is great...we don't have to fight any crowds and pay the high ticket prices. We begin around 8:00pm and light our smaller fireworks on the sidewalk/street in front of their house and wait for the fly by which is always a high light of the night. We wait for the Pleasant Grove fireworks which start around 10:00. It is always fun and we drive a couple of blocks home and get right to bed...not having to sit in traffic for hours. Gotta love the 4th of July.
Our own personal fly by...(they are on their way to the Stadium of Fire)
Liberty and McKoy waiting and watching the fireworks

Brit hanging out in his mini chair...he looked so cute sitting in it.
Zach and his sparklers...he was so funny with them...he was running all over the place waving his arms around. He was loving it.

Caleb was one of the official lighters this year.

Can't wait for next year!