Thursday, February 25, 2010

Brit's Happy Day!

Here are some photos of Brit on his big first birthday! We had a very low key day with a visit from Grammy and Papa and Grandma. It was a great day celebrated for a great boy!

Good Morning Birthday Boy!
Zach checking out his Birthday present, his little green 4 wheeler

All buckled in heading out for our Birthday donut run!

Brit LOVES donut holes!

Brit asking Craig for help blowing up the ball Grammy & Papa gave him!

Here he is wondering why everyone was singing at him, not to mention all eyes on him!

He was one Happy Kid!

Look Mom NO HANDS!

Then he got an idea...

Let's turn the cake...

OVER!!! So fun!

Not to worry he quickly turned it right back over to continue eating his cake! He thought this was the best thing ever. Happy Birthday Brit!