Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Day 8 & 9

So I had a packed day yesterday and didn't get to my love list! So today I will make up for it!

Forget the cute pink backpack today...this girl needs something with a little more umph! Check out this bag! I LOVE IT!

I must admit...sometimes this is a blessing and sometimes this is a curse! She comes up with some really interesting outfits some times, some that end up with her crying cause I won't allow it. But truly I love that she has a sense of style. She is opinionated in what she will wear, or not wear more like it! She will call out someone who isn't modest, sometimes to their faces! (We are working on that!) She loves colors, accessories, shoes, skirts, and it's fun! I love that I get to have one girl in the house with me. She's the best!


(these aren't my hands...but you get the idea!)

I know it sounds ridiculous, but I love painting my nails red. Everytime I look down at my hands I get a grin on my face. Who would have thought something so simple could bring such joy! Well for me it doesn't take much apparently! Try it, paint them red...true, real red!!! I can almost be sure you will smile!


Cari said...

Love it! What a beauty! You were a lot like that when you were little too. Remember who wanted to be in the fashion industry? :)