Friday, February 12, 2010

Day 11 & 12

Okay, okay, I know that I am slacking and getting behind, yesterday and today have been jammed packed! So here you go...


I have the best kids ever. I know you are thinking, boy she is sadly mistaken, because you have the best kids. That's okay, I am sure your children are the best! I am the first to admit that I am a CRAZY MOM! Most moments of the day I am trying to accomplish a million things at once. Somehow, we are still able to do the things we need to do and even get to the things that we want to do. I remember when I was pregnant with Caleb, I had an idea of the kind of mom I wanted to be. Well, 4 kids later, and my idea has changed from time to time but overall I can't complain. Let's be honest, there are moments and sometimes even days when I want to pull my hair out! But for the most part, we laugh, we joke, we play, we sing, we dance, we read, we watch, we sometimes cry, we sometimes get upset, we are human! But we love each other! I love my kiddos so much! They are incredible and I hope and pray every day that I can be the best mom to them! So far, they have turned out pretty good! At least I think so!
Brit-my lovebug! He loves to laugh, he's very entertaining, he's sweet as can be, he's growing and learning every day! He's a perfect addition to our family.

Liberty - my shadow! She's loving, a great singer, she's crafty, she's darling! She loves anything girly!

Zach- my jokester! He's so cute, he's energenic, he's a carnivore (meat eater), he loves his brothers and sister, he's compassionate, he's athletic.
Caleb - my handsome young man! he's taller than I am, he's athletic, he's a helper, he's funny, he's a great example to the younger children.



I must admit, I have a favorites list of people's blogs that I love to check in on. I probably only know 1/2 of the list personally. For whatever reason, I enjoy getting into people's lives. Is that bad? I don't do it to gossip, or make fun. I do it because there are some very creative, fun people out there who have their houses decorated darling, and seem like great people. I doubt that I will ever meet Disney of "Ruffles and Stuff" (my sister sent me this blog to check out), but I love checking in on her every day or two. This crazy world of blogs is pretty cool. Some of my favorites that I check daily are:

These are just a random few of the many I enjoy checking.
So what...I am a stalker...don't say you aren't!


cortney said...

i love those pictures of the kids! did you do that on your computer or did you get new pictures of them?

Amy-Sue and Gian Del Bello said...

The pictures of your kids are GREAT!!!

I'm a total blog stalker. Hopefully I'm a blog friend with you though.