Friday, February 5, 2010

Day 5

Day Five...I LOVE...COLOR!

I must admit that I am amazed by all the colors that I am surrounded by. I know that may sound strange...but I love it! I love bright colors, light colors, and everything in between! There is nothing better than walking out of the house and seeing a bright blue sky, white clouds and green grass. Also, watching the mountains change colors in the fall. Walking through the mall and seeing all the cute clothes in different colors. Really, who can resist a brand new box of crayons in a rainbow of colors! I love it. For a long time I have been wanting to add some MAJOR color to my house. I currently have one red wall and the rest a pretty tan/taupe color...this is the year I am going to do it! I WANT COLOR! A bunch of it! It only brightens a home! So watch for posts of which colors I choose to do in what rooms! I am way excited. I don't know if my family is...but they will just have to grow to love it!

Next time you are driving around, take time to notice the colors. It is truly amazing!