Thursday, February 5, 2009

The Things I Love!

A friend of mine has been counting down the days until Valentine's Day by listing something she loves everyday. I decided to give it a try even if I am 5 days into my countdown...I will just have to catch up. I think the hardest part is coming up with only 14 things from a list of so many. So here it goes...

Day 1 ... I Love

To listen and watch Zach when he is listening to the i-pod. It is hilarious!

When he listens...all we hear is mumbling then about every 5th word he will sing. He dances all over the sort of takes him to his own little world.

Day 2....I LOVE...
Chili's Salsa

I pretty much will eat all salsas...but there is something about Chili's that well YUM!

Day 3....I LOVE...

Getting Pedicures!!! I love the way my feet feel and look after a good pedi! I find myself looking at my feet alot!

Day 4...I LOVE...
Having creative moments...they don't happen as often but I love it when I get an idea and actually get the chance to make something and have it all work out.

Day 5...I LOVE
the soundtrack from WICKED....many days you could probably hear it's songs streaming from my windows...I can turn it up and sit and enjoy it or I can be singing at the top of my lungs!
Favorite song: For Good


Cari said...

I can just imagine Zach with an ipod! He's so fun! I love 'For Good' too. Great song. Hope all is well!

Amy-Sue and Gian Del Bello said...

YAY...I'm so glad you joined in on listing the things you LOVE!!! My Tabitha would LOVE listening to Wicked with you! I would LOVE for my toes to look as good as yours (minus the swollen feet). Don't you just LOVE how carefree kids are that they can just put in their ipod and sing away? I can't wait to check in and see what else Cricket LOVES!!!