Monday, February 9, 2009

Day Nine

Day Nine ... I LOVE ...


Check out my finds!

I love days like today...I have been looking for some pajamas for after I have the baby but me being the cheap-o that I am I couldn't bring myself to paying full price. Well while Lib was at a b-day party in Spanish Fork I was killing time at the local KMart...and I found pajamas for $3.50 a pair. So I bought out the place ... I purchased 5 pair of pajamas and new slippers (which I desperately needed, my old ones died a few weeks ago!) all for $21.00. All I can say is I see comfort in my future! Nothing better than nice warm pajamas to lounge in. Perfect for after the baby!


Brandon & Shelly said...

That is an awesome find! They look so cozy.