Monday, February 9, 2009

Day Nine

Day Nine ... I LOVE ...


Check out my finds!

I love days like today...I have been looking for some pajamas for after I have the baby but me being the cheap-o that I am I couldn't bring myself to paying full price. Well while Lib was at a b-day party in Spanish Fork I was killing time at the local KMart...and I found pajamas for $3.50 a pair. So I bought out the place ... I purchased 5 pair of pajamas and new slippers (which I desperately needed, my old ones died a few weeks ago!) all for $21.00. All I can say is I see comfort in my future! Nothing better than nice warm pajamas to lounge in. Perfect for after the baby!


Shelly Kenison said...

That is an awesome find! They look so cozy.