Monday, February 16, 2009

President's Day

It was so nice to sleep in this moring...we got moving around 10:00 am decided to go to a movie. We ventured to the local dollar movie to see Bolt...which just so happened to be sold out. Along with evey other appropriate movie. Plan B was head to BYU for an afternoon at the Art and Bean Museums. We got a bit to eat at Wendy's $ menu and off we went. We had a great time wandering around the Museum of Art checking out the new display from Dan Steinhilber which is pretty entertaining. We thought it was cool. Check out Lib and Zach in front of this balloon piece...very cool.

This is just a whole bunch of balloons all tangled together to form a circle. The kids thought it was so cool.

We kept wandering through the other displays and found a marble sculpture of Abe Lincoln...and since it was President's Day we were celebrating...we had to pause and pay tribute. Nice photos huh?

Caleb being Caleb!

Zach trying to look right into his eyes.
I love this of Lib...she looks so in awe of the art.

I turned around after looking at a painting and found my children doing this...can't take them anywhere!

We had so much fun that Lib didn't want to leave and proceeded to pull a fit. Why does this have to happen? Luckily she snapped right out of it after we let he sit on this particular chair for a few minutes. After leaving BYU we got a yummy shake to top the outing off. It was a lot of fun. I am sure the movie would have been great also but this was a close second.

Lib having her moment.

After getting home and settling down for a while we held Family Home Evening...and for activity we learned how to make paper airplanes. Craig was the teacher and this brought pure enjoyment to all three children. We had to take many photos to get one of all of the airplanes in flight. Lots of fun!

Finally a photo with all three airplanes took about 20 tries to get this just right. Thank heavens for digital cameras!!

Now back to the same old, homework, chores, all that jazz! It was a great weekend.