Monday, February 23, 2009

Everyone Has These Kinds Of Days!

Today started off like any other day...I got up, got the kids off to school, and had to rush to my dr. appointment. I got there and knew that it was going to be a trying day to say the least. I wasn't feeling the greatest. I got into the room and the nurse said he was running a little late, not a big deal. Well, as I sat there I started to get so hot, and even while fanning myself with the Redbook Magazine I had been reading, I just could cool myself. He came in and just like always started by asking me how I was doing...well, I couldn't believe I allowed myself to do this but I just burst into tears and all I could say is "I can't lie anymore, I am not feeling well, I am tired". You see I haven't slept well for months, (careful...this is where all the complaining will come in!!) I can't move like I usually can, my brick feet are hurting more and more each day and I am HUGE! I feel it and obviously look it from some looks and comments I have had made to me by many people. Which normally I just laugh off and call it good, but for whatever reason my poor doctor caught me at the right moment and I couldn't hold it in any longer. I pulled myself together and the appointment ended with no real new news.

I got in the car, called Craig and lost it again. I just couldn't help it. I stopped and treated myself to a yummy Daylight Doughnut and a beverage. I felt as if I for some reason I deserved it. Don't ask me why cause that is the last thing I need these days. I took a nap after Lib and I ate lunch and just kept having this pitty party all day long. I did get a few things accomplished but still I wasn't my usual self. I made dinner and after dinner I blew up at Zach when he accidently dropped a plate and I felt horrible. I went into my room, plopped down on my bed and started to cry again. I feel like I am loosing my temper way too much over the dumbest things. I feel bad. Craig came in after a few minutes and we talked and I felt better. He told me to just go to bed, but I couldn't we were having Family Home Evening. When I walked out to join the already started FHE, my children just looked at me. In the middle of our lesson, Craig's parents came to join us. His mom looked at me and asked if I was okay, once again...I started to cry. But had to wait until we were finished to actually explain myself. We talked after and they were both very understanding with me even with the tears flowing freely! After, Grandma read stories to Lib the boys played bowling on the Wii and I watched. It was a fun night and it was just what I needed to pull me out of my pity. Craig and his dad gave me a blessing and I feel better. I know that tomorrow will be a better day.

I know that it is totally normal to have these types of days...but I will be honest with you, I don't like them. I would much rather have a day of laughter and joy, or even just a normal same old, same old day. Today wore me out. I don't like it at all. So here's to a much better day tomorrow!!!


Cari said...

Oh Cricket! You totally deserve to loose it every now and then! Especially now with everything going on. I loose it all the time and I'm not pregnant! (Although I am huge!) You are so good at keeping your troubles to yourself but you need to let it out sometimes. You need to take whatever time you need and REST! Can I do anything? I can come get the kids for you, help around your house, you name it. Really! Remember how much you helped me when I had Scott and Cole? I would love to return that favor. Remember we're here. :) Hang in there! Just's almost March!

I'm almost done with Britt's present. I'm excited about it! :)

Cortney Chambers said...

oh my gosh, you are so good--i would have totally said to craig, "ok, good night!"--aaron can attest to this---i have often gone to bed at 7:00 on days like you are explaining!

you totally need to give yourself a break--just try to relax as much as possible---you don't want to go into the whole labor process all stressed and tense & you probably don't want any more advice from people, so i'll shut up!

anyway--hope today is going well!

Merfy said...

It must have been one of those Mondays, only I can't blame pregnant hormones! You are doing great. Everyone looses it somedays, not everyone apologizes and moves on. Keep up the good work. BTW you do deserve a donut!

Greg and/or Angie said...

Congratulations on the birth of your new baby boy!!!! That should help out a bit - if nothing else, by adding more things to deal with that can distract from daily pains.

We love you guys and are happy for your new addition.


Hey Jude! said...

Congratulations Cricket!!
What are you going to call your blog now?

Jen said...

Yeah for Cricket! I'm so sorry that you had to have such an aweful day before Brit came. He must have felt so bad that he was part of your problems, that he had a talk with Jesus and said, "You better send me down soon, or she's not going to like me much!" :) I can't wait to get to know Brit, he's going to be just as sweet as your other kids. Thanks for being such a great sister-in-law! I love ya tons. Let me know if we can do ANYTHING! (Including, bring you some more yummy doughnuts!:))

Shelly Kenison said...

Well it sounds like you got your wish. I wish I could just have a really bad day and get this pregnancy over with. I am so happy that all went well with the delivery. Your little man (or should I say not so little man) is adorable. So glad that all went well.

Tori and Steve said...

Congrats on baby! God must have known you were at your wits end! I must admit I am a little envious! I'm starting to get miserable! Everyone at Kids Village was talking about you today. Even all the kids were excited to hear! I look forward to some baby pics!