Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Not for the Weak Stomach!

Okay I have had some computer problems over the last little while so I am doing the catch up posts. I had to include this as a follow up to the deer hunting post. Craig went back out hunting with his dad and brother for a few days and he was able to get a deer. I don't mind that he got a deer but seriously if you had to walk into your garage for 4 days with this haning there looking at you how would you feel?

nice sight huh?
here is an even better view...the tongue hung out to the side. it was just gross!

Check out the lovely remnants it left for us on the garage floor.

I will save you the details of the smell. You don't even want to know! But it is now cut up into roasts and sitting in the freezer waiting to be eaten. Just thought I would share! You know we have to document everything right!?!