Tuesday, November 4, 2008

35 and I Gave Into Peer Pressure

Okay so we know that Caleb plays his Super Bowl game Wednesday night. Last week when the team won and found out they were heading to the Super Bowl the comment by all the team was

"It's time to BLEACH our hair!"

I know and understand that most teams have their own thing that they do when championship games come around, shave heads, die hair, bleach hair, wear dirty socks, you know stupid things like that. Well, Caleb came to me after the game and asked if he could...I automatically said no. Craig's comment was

"When the Prophet bleaches his hair, so can you."
Which is what he has always said to them. Nothing new. As the week went on, as I would drop Caleb off at practice I noticed that all the boys have bleached their hair. The coaches bleached thier go-tee's and everything. Caleb asked everyday. I am actually embarassed to say that I gave into peer pressure and somehow talked Craig into letting me bleach Caleb's hair. I know, I know, you are thinking what a push-over. I have stuck to my guns forever, what makes now so different. I don't have any answers to that. I was caught at a weak time I guess. I didn't want him to be the only one not participating I guess. So I agreed, and went and purchased the stuff to do it.

I must admit my mom's words were ringing in my head the entire time I was doing this...
"You have Indian blood in you, if you bleach your hair it will turn ORANGE!"

Caleb and I laughed alot about everything while waiting for the bleach to take effect. Craig would just shake his head or glare our direction from time to time, he was not happy. Well, after 50 minutes of this....

This is what we got!

Don't ask me what I did wrong here! What a mess!

I couldn't let him go to school like that, keep in mind it is now 10:00 pm and the beauty supply store is closed so we quickly run to Walmart to see what we can find to fix it. This is what we came home with...

and after 30 more minutes this is how it turned out.

Notice the smile is gone!

Not exactly the look we were going for! I think Caleb (I know I was expecting) the white blonde look and we got the yellow blond look. By the time we finished the second round of bleach, Caleb looked at me and said I don't care if it is yellow, I don't want anymore bleach on my head. (I think he was thinking that it wasn't all it was cracked up to be). We went to bed and Zach and Libby were shocked to see him this morning. He was all cool about going to school but I had to snap this photo after I dropped him off he jumped out of the car and pulled his hood up as he walked into school. I just laughed!

He's walking into school with his cousin McKinsey who was shocked he actually did it.

Caleb Before Caleb After

I still love my son, but I prefer him with dark hair! Good luck Caleb! Play hard, you know blondes do have more fun!!! Go Vikings!


Cari said...

It's the Indian Blood. Mom's always right when it comes to this! :)

Cortney Chambers said...

i bet his head was burning up! i say if your mom is the one doing the bleaching, then it's ok!
i sadly know from personal experience, that indian blood thing is real--thankfully no pictures to document this!

Craig and Sarah Peterson said...

I don't know about all that indian blood stuff but all I can say is cowabunga..... Caleb should do the rebel yell.. (1980's Billy Idol reference)