Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Zach's Super Bowl

Zach my cute little Viking!
Well, I am sad to report that Zach's team didn't win their Super Bowl last Saturday. It was a game that was very one sided. Our team had played this team during the regular season and creamed them 36-0 or something crazy like that. Well, last Saturday was just the opposite. Our team was 0 and they were 28. So sad! The boys still enjoyed themselves, even if it ended in a loss. They loved playing at the High School on thier new cool turf field. I was able to catch some photos of Zach while he recieved his award and after. I love these photos!

Coach Hill giving Zach his medal.

Zach checking it out.

Listening to his coaches talk at the post game meeting
He is already talking about next season! Go Vikings!


cari said...

He's so cute Cricket! Sorry he didn't win but there's always next year!