Monday, November 10, 2008

Libby Lost A Tooth!!!

Here she is right after it was pulled out! It is kind of blurry but she is holding up her tooth.

She was so happy! Check out this smile!

Okay, this tooth has been loose forever! So when she came to me with such excitement on Sunday morning and said,

"Mom, feel how loose my tooth is!!!"

I wasn't thinking much of it due to the fact that I have heard those words so many times. I reached my fingers into her mouth and WOW! It was totally ready to come out. Me being the way I am I wouldn't ever dare to pull it. So of course, I sent her to Craig. She ran to show her Dad...he told her she could pull that and it wouldn't hurt. She stuck her fingers right in and tried with everything she had to get it out but just couldn't get ahold of it. Craig tried but his fingers are just too large for her little mouth. So out came the tweezers! (every tooth my hubby has helped pull has needed some sort of tool to help with the job! I just laugh at that!) She was talking to him and he just gave at tug on the tweezers and out it came. She didn't even really flinch! So unlike the boys, who kick, scream and freak when teeth come out. I was so impressed by her, she was so brave. She got the tooth in hand and came running through the house as happy as can be! She couldn't wait to put it under her pillow (keep in mind this happened at about 7:30 am). I made her take a photo first and then she stuck it in a ziplock and stuffed it under her pillow. She couldn't stop talking about the tooth fairy coming and showing everyone around her the gap in her bottom teeth! I love it!

Even after a couple of days she was still very proud of herself and her toothless smile!


Cari said...

How fun for her! I'll have to send Max over to Dr. Craig to take care of his loose teeth! The kid has two teeth that need to come out.