Tuesday, November 25, 2008

My Guy!

This is the most random photo of Craig. I took it this summer but I LOVE IT!

Okay, I must say that I am almost 100% sure that Craig will not like that I am doing this for all the world to read but I have to say that I have the best hubby ever. He is amazing. He treats me so wonderful, and loves me no matter what. He is a wonderful father and sets such a wonderful example for my children and myself. He is a good sport and puts up with some of my crazy ideas, and tries to have a good time while doing them. (some ideas he likes more than others).

I have to tell you that the past month of so has been very hard on me. I am not a litttle pregnant girl I never have been blessed that way, I get huge!!! Well, I am so big already that everything is coming on so much faster...such as, trouble breathing, trouble getting from a laying position to a upright position, the feeling of being wiped out, shortness of breath from walking up the stairs, swelling, and having a horrible time sleeping and finding a comfortable position. Well, I know that I keep him up most nights and I feel really bad, so a few weeks ago, he started putting me to bed in our bed, making sure I had everything I needed and then he goes out into the family room and sleeps on a blow up mattress. It makes me feel so bad when I get up in the morning and see him there in the family room. He tells me he sleeps okay but still I feel bad. What a guy! I miss him! It seems like there are some days that bedtime is our only time to talk and me being so wiped out from working all day, I tend to crash if I have any down time in the evenings. I can't help it. He is very understanding and loving.

So I must just say thank you to my guy. He helps me so much, and I am hoping that he doesn't think I don't appreciate it. Because I really do! Sometimes the smallest things strengthen a love that is already strong. I can't tell you how much I love that he loves me now matter what!

So here's to my guy! I hope you all have a guy as good as mine. Thanks Craig! I LOVE YOU!


Amy-Sue and Gian Del Bello said...

Being pregnant is far from FuN! It's work! You are lucky to have an understanding and compassionate hubby! Kudos to Craig. I hope you can bear through these next tough months. Lots of well wishes!