Saturday, November 8, 2008

Caleb's Superbowl

7th Grade A Team Super Bowl Champions!
PG Vikings

Here is my favorite player!

Well, I am excited to say that Caleb's team won their Super Bowl. It was so much fun! I still don't have my voice completely back because of all the yelling we did. They were ready to play. Lehi came out and scored first and the score stayed 6-0 the entire first half. Our team came back from half time and they were so pumped. We played so great! The final score was 22-6. We were screaming and yelling so much. It was freezing cold outside but we were up and jumping and screaming that it did help keep us warm. It was so fun to see how hapy the boys were. They all worked very hard all season, they had to be dedicated. There was a huge time commitment, many things were missed because of practices and games, but it all payed off. Thank Heavens. Zach and Lib were so cute cheering for Caleb and his team. We all got into it. Craig of course paced the field, he just can't sit with us, his nerves get the best of him, and he spends the games walking the field. It makes me laugh. Here are some photos of the big night.

Look at all these blonde boys! It honestly took me a minute to pick Caleb out of the line. It was crazy!

Caleb with other teammates waiting team meeting

As part of the celebration the team gets down and pounds the score on the large Viking at the 50 yard line.

One of Caleb's biggest fans!

Caleb had the chance to play his cousin Christopher's team for the Super Bowl. I am sure there will be many more times these two boys have to play each other. But I love this photo of the two players.

Check out the enthusiasm on their faces. I love it!


Tori and Steve said...

So were there any kids left who didn't bleach their hair?

Craig and Cricket said...

I should have mentioned that in my post. Before I bleached Caleb's hair every player I saw had done it...that is what pushed me to do it. Well, there were 4 players who didn't. The reason...
"My mom would chop off my head!!!" I thought that was priceless. So I guess I could have stood firm, but I gave in. If this is he worse thing he wants to do, I won't complain.

Cortney Chambers said...

way to go caleb!!! how fun for the whole family!

Cari said...

Way to go Blondie! That's pretty awesome!