Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

There is something about Thanksgiving that seems to excite me! I love this holiday. I love spending time with family, eating yummy food, and knowing the start of the holiday season is here. Great times! Hope your day is filled with family, food and fun! Happy Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

My Guy!

This is the most random photo of Craig. I took it this summer but I LOVE IT!

Okay, I must say that I am almost 100% sure that Craig will not like that I am doing this for all the world to read but I have to say that I have the best hubby ever. He is amazing. He treats me so wonderful, and loves me no matter what. He is a wonderful father and sets such a wonderful example for my children and myself. He is a good sport and puts up with some of my crazy ideas, and tries to have a good time while doing them. (some ideas he likes more than others).

I have to tell you that the past month of so has been very hard on me. I am not a litttle pregnant girl I never have been blessed that way, I get huge!!! Well, I am so big already that everything is coming on so much faster...such as, trouble breathing, trouble getting from a laying position to a upright position, the feeling of being wiped out, shortness of breath from walking up the stairs, swelling, and having a horrible time sleeping and finding a comfortable position. Well, I know that I keep him up most nights and I feel really bad, so a few weeks ago, he started putting me to bed in our bed, making sure I had everything I needed and then he goes out into the family room and sleeps on a blow up mattress. It makes me feel so bad when I get up in the morning and see him there in the family room. He tells me he sleeps okay but still I feel bad. What a guy! I miss him! It seems like there are some days that bedtime is our only time to talk and me being so wiped out from working all day, I tend to crash if I have any down time in the evenings. I can't help it. He is very understanding and loving.

So I must just say thank you to my guy. He helps me so much, and I am hoping that he doesn't think I don't appreciate it. Because I really do! Sometimes the smallest things strengthen a love that is already strong. I can't tell you how much I love that he loves me now matter what!

So here's to my guy! I hope you all have a guy as good as mine. Thanks Craig! I LOVE YOU!

Friday, November 21, 2008

It's 3:45 AM and I Can't Sleep!!!

So you ask, what does Cricket do on those many nights when she can't sleep!!! I goof around doing things like this online!! is great fun!

I am pretty sure I never looked like this in 1992! Lovely, isn't it!

Also, is hilarious. It doesn't matter how many times I watch it I still crack up!

Yes, this is Craig and I and I know that Craig will kill me when he sees this! I am trying to figure out how to get my dances on here but for now this will have to do!!!

Here is one of the whole family! I haven't laughed this hard since last year when I did this. I love it! Maybe this could be our Christmas photo for 2008!!

This is what I have done tonight...who knows what else I will find for tomorrow night! I'm sure you are dying to see. Happy Sleeping!!

P.S. It is now 4:40 am, I have been up since 2:35 am, and I have to work tomorrow. I better hit the hay and hope I get some shut eye!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Lawn Mowing

A few months ago our lawn mower broke. Right in the heat of summer and we needed a new one badly. After shopping around and pricing out what it would take to fix ours we opted to upgrade and get a riding lawn mower. Okay, I know you are thinking we are so lazy...but our yard is large and future mowing jobs for Caleb came to mind. I must say there isn't a single whine or whimper when it is time to mow. This boy loves it and so does Craig. This is what I came home to a few days ago...

We live across the street from our Stake President and one day he noticed that Caleb was out using the new mower and challenged Caleb to a race. The conversation went something like this.

President Atkinson: "You think yours is cool, I still think I could beat you"

Caleb: "Bring it the time and place"

President Atkinson: "Mine has a gear you have never seen"

Caleb: "I'll be over"

So knowing Caleb the way I do, I didn't think it would ever happen...but we all were cracking up after the conversation. A few days later Caleb noticed that President Atkinson was out mowing his lawn and Caleb ran out revved up ours and headed across the street. When Pres. saw Caleb coming he just started to laugh. They stopped and chatted for a while and then got into postion. Craig and I were watching this along with his wife and Zach and Libby. We were just laughing. The race started and Caleb beat Pres. They were both laughing and having a great time. I actually got a bit choked up, not because my son won, but because my son feels so comfortable with this amazing man to race lawn mowers and joke and laugh about it to this day. I am sure that this will never be forgotten. Me,well of course I had to document the activity. Check out the photos.

The race is on!!!

Pres. Atkinson & Caleb in the heat of the race!

The race is over...them sitting and chatting! This photo is priceless. I love it.

I am pretty sure Pres. Atkinson asked for a rematch. He chuckles everytime he sees Caleb and mentions it.

Finally getting to Halloween

Heading over to the PG Main Street Trick or Treating
Zach and Lib waiting to start Trick or Treating.

"Midnight Fairy"

So much enthusiasm in this boy! I love it.

Okay, I know that I am so late getting to this but I had to document this years Halloween. We had a great time Trick or Treating and going to a few parties. This was the first year that Caleb didn't go Trick or Treating. I am one of those mean mom's who thinks that jr. high and high school kids just shouldn't be out there trick or treating. So he was willing to stay around the house and pass out candy. We don't get many knocks because of the street we live on, it a street not a neighborhood. So, Craig and I took Zach and Libby out and he hung out, I was surprised to see him after about 1.5 hours his comment was "I sat there all alone for that long and only one knock...forget it I turned off the light and came to find you." He followed the kids with us. We went to Grandma & Grandpa Veenker's and had to go to the "scary house". This is the house that puts up TONS of decorations so many they put up a temporary fence to keep it safe. I never go because they have people hiding out ready to grab your feet and scare kids and adults to death. Not my cup of tea. So Craig mans that by himself. The night was fun! We got so much candy even without Caleb's stash. Can't wait until next year. Who knows what costumes will come up. Liberty was a "Midnight Fairy" and Zach once again was the old standby "football player" I love that he doesn't mind being the same thing year after year. I think this is like 4 years straight of being a football player. I love it!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Playing HOOKIE!!!

So Thursday afternoon I decided to take Friday off. It was very well needed. I have been really tired and honestly have had something every night after school so nothing at home was getting done. I needed to take action. I found a sub and looked forward to have a day to get things done while being able to relax.

Friday morning I started to think about while growing up my mom would let us stay home just because every once in a while. Well, as I walked downstairs to wake up the kids, I decided to make them so happy and let them stay home with me. I think they loved me more yesterday morning then they ever have. I just laughed as I walked back upstairs letting them catch up on sleep.

We got their rooms cleaned and laundry folded and put away. It was nice to have that accomplishled. They were good helpers, and they even went and cleaned up all the leaves in the front yard. I am sure that anyone who drove by wondered why they were home. But it was a great day. When afternoon hit, I think I had totally overdone myself and I crashed. Craig came home and took the kids to dinner and to the Bean Museum at BYU. A place they love to go. This is the first time they got to see the White Rhino...since we were in the newspaper a few months ago. See article ( They thought it was pretty cool.

They had a good time and even ran an errand to WalMart and Caleb was thought to be shoplifting when Zach said, "I get shot gun" he and Caleb took off running out the doors, Caleb just happened to have a new toaster oven (which is very well needed here at home!) that wasn't bagged. The door greeter went running after him yelling "young man" until Craig caught up and showed him the reciept. I wish I could have seen that. I still laugh when I think of it. Zach ended up in shot gun. Even after all of that. So funny.

It was a fun day, even if I was wiped out by the end of it. Sometimes those days are just needed. It made me really excited for Dec. 19th which happens to be my last day of work. I think I will be able to get things accomplished that have been put on the back burner for far too long. I can't wait.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Libby Lost A Tooth!!!

Here she is right after it was pulled out! It is kind of blurry but she is holding up her tooth.

She was so happy! Check out this smile!

Okay, this tooth has been loose forever! So when she came to me with such excitement on Sunday morning and said,

"Mom, feel how loose my tooth is!!!"

I wasn't thinking much of it due to the fact that I have heard those words so many times. I reached my fingers into her mouth and WOW! It was totally ready to come out. Me being the way I am I wouldn't ever dare to pull it. So of course, I sent her to Craig. She ran to show her Dad...he told her she could pull that and it wouldn't hurt. She stuck her fingers right in and tried with everything she had to get it out but just couldn't get ahold of it. Craig tried but his fingers are just too large for her little mouth. So out came the tweezers! (every tooth my hubby has helped pull has needed some sort of tool to help with the job! I just laugh at that!) She was talking to him and he just gave at tug on the tweezers and out it came. She didn't even really flinch! So unlike the boys, who kick, scream and freak when teeth come out. I was so impressed by her, she was so brave. She got the tooth in hand and came running through the house as happy as can be! She couldn't wait to put it under her pillow (keep in mind this happened at about 7:30 am). I made her take a photo first and then she stuck it in a ziplock and stuffed it under her pillow. She couldn't stop talking about the tooth fairy coming and showing everyone around her the gap in her bottom teeth! I love it!

Even after a couple of days she was still very proud of herself and her toothless smile!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Caleb's Superbowl

7th Grade A Team Super Bowl Champions!
PG Vikings

Here is my favorite player!

Well, I am excited to say that Caleb's team won their Super Bowl. It was so much fun! I still don't have my voice completely back because of all the yelling we did. They were ready to play. Lehi came out and scored first and the score stayed 6-0 the entire first half. Our team came back from half time and they were so pumped. We played so great! The final score was 22-6. We were screaming and yelling so much. It was freezing cold outside but we were up and jumping and screaming that it did help keep us warm. It was so fun to see how hapy the boys were. They all worked very hard all season, they had to be dedicated. There was a huge time commitment, many things were missed because of practices and games, but it all payed off. Thank Heavens. Zach and Lib were so cute cheering for Caleb and his team. We all got into it. Craig of course paced the field, he just can't sit with us, his nerves get the best of him, and he spends the games walking the field. It makes me laugh. Here are some photos of the big night.

Look at all these blonde boys! It honestly took me a minute to pick Caleb out of the line. It was crazy!

Caleb with other teammates waiting team meeting

As part of the celebration the team gets down and pounds the score on the large Viking at the 50 yard line.

One of Caleb's biggest fans!

Caleb had the chance to play his cousin Christopher's team for the Super Bowl. I am sure there will be many more times these two boys have to play each other. But I love this photo of the two players.

Check out the enthusiasm on their faces. I love it!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

35 and I Gave Into Peer Pressure

Okay so we know that Caleb plays his Super Bowl game Wednesday night. Last week when the team won and found out they were heading to the Super Bowl the comment by all the team was

"It's time to BLEACH our hair!"

I know and understand that most teams have their own thing that they do when championship games come around, shave heads, die hair, bleach hair, wear dirty socks, you know stupid things like that. Well, Caleb came to me after the game and asked if he could...I automatically said no. Craig's comment was

"When the Prophet bleaches his hair, so can you."
Which is what he has always said to them. Nothing new. As the week went on, as I would drop Caleb off at practice I noticed that all the boys have bleached their hair. The coaches bleached thier go-tee's and everything. Caleb asked everyday. I am actually embarassed to say that I gave into peer pressure and somehow talked Craig into letting me bleach Caleb's hair. I know, I know, you are thinking what a push-over. I have stuck to my guns forever, what makes now so different. I don't have any answers to that. I was caught at a weak time I guess. I didn't want him to be the only one not participating I guess. So I agreed, and went and purchased the stuff to do it.

I must admit my mom's words were ringing in my head the entire time I was doing this...
"You have Indian blood in you, if you bleach your hair it will turn ORANGE!"

Caleb and I laughed alot about everything while waiting for the bleach to take effect. Craig would just shake his head or glare our direction from time to time, he was not happy. Well, after 50 minutes of this....

This is what we got!

Don't ask me what I did wrong here! What a mess!

I couldn't let him go to school like that, keep in mind it is now 10:00 pm and the beauty supply store is closed so we quickly run to Walmart to see what we can find to fix it. This is what we came home with...

and after 30 more minutes this is how it turned out.

Notice the smile is gone!

Not exactly the look we were going for! I think Caleb (I know I was expecting) the white blonde look and we got the yellow blond look. By the time we finished the second round of bleach, Caleb looked at me and said I don't care if it is yellow, I don't want anymore bleach on my head. (I think he was thinking that it wasn't all it was cracked up to be). We went to bed and Zach and Libby were shocked to see him this morning. He was all cool about going to school but I had to snap this photo after I dropped him off he jumped out of the car and pulled his hood up as he walked into school. I just laughed!

He's walking into school with his cousin McKinsey who was shocked he actually did it.

Caleb Before Caleb After

I still love my son, but I prefer him with dark hair! Good luck Caleb! Play hard, you know blondes do have more fun!!! Go Vikings!

Zach's Super Bowl

Zach my cute little Viking!
Well, I am sad to report that Zach's team didn't win their Super Bowl last Saturday. It was a game that was very one sided. Our team had played this team during the regular season and creamed them 36-0 or something crazy like that. Well, last Saturday was just the opposite. Our team was 0 and they were 28. So sad! The boys still enjoyed themselves, even if it ended in a loss. They loved playing at the High School on thier new cool turf field. I was able to catch some photos of Zach while he recieved his award and after. I love these photos!

Coach Hill giving Zach his medal.

Zach checking it out.

Listening to his coaches talk at the post game meeting
He is already talking about next season! Go Vikings!

Not for the Weak Stomach!

Okay I have had some computer problems over the last little while so I am doing the catch up posts. I had to include this as a follow up to the deer hunting post. Craig went back out hunting with his dad and brother for a few days and he was able to get a deer. I don't mind that he got a deer but seriously if you had to walk into your garage for 4 days with this haning there looking at you how would you feel?

nice sight huh?
here is an even better view...the tongue hung out to the side. it was just gross!

Check out the lovely remnants it left for us on the garage floor.

I will save you the details of the smell. You don't even want to know! But it is now cut up into roasts and sitting in the freezer waiting to be eaten. Just thought I would share! You know we have to document everything right!?!