Friday, August 17, 2012

Summer, What Summer?

Holy cow, summer is gone! We all start school next week and it is hard to believe how fast time is going! This summer was a bit different, I was working everyday and the kids took on some new responsibilities. I don't know if they loved it but they did a great job taking care of Brit and being at home together. Truth be told, Iissed them. As much as I love my job, and I am grateful to have it, my kids missed out of many typical/daily summer activities. It makes me sad.
School starts and before we know it summer will be here again. I just hope it can learn to juggle both things by next year!
So long sweet summer!

Friday, July 27, 2012


Today, Craig turned 40! The kids and I thru together a little cake and ice cream shin dig for some of the ward members and friends. I baked 7 cakes and we served them and root beer floats! He was surprised, and for being put together mostly by the kids, it turned out great! We really are surrounded by great people! It was a fun and relaxing evening hanging with everyone! Good times!

The best was my communication with Caleb while Craig and I were killing time, his comments were things like
"don't bring the QB home the huddle is empty". He was cracking me up!

I am lucky to have such an amazing Husband! Happy Birthday Craig! We love you!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Picnic in the Park!

Today I decided it would be the perfect day for a picnic. A few weeks ago while on a 10 mile hike/walk I found a new park. I have been wanting to take the kids there ever since, and today was the day it finally happened! We grabbed a blanket, a book for me to read, some Taco Amigo and went searching for this park. We found it and let me tell you it did not disappoint! We all loved it! The playground had 3 levels, great slides, rock walls and more! How could we not love it!
We had a blast playing, eating, rolling down grassy hills, sliding down slides, reading and even maybe getting some much needed sun on my legs!
Good times! Next time we hope to take the entire family!

Monday, July 16, 2012

Fun photos

I always get a kick of the photos that Pic My Kid get of Caleb. These were taken at Snow College football camp. He did really good there, got some attention from Snow's coaches. I could not help laughing at some of them! They do a great job and I gave a feeling it's going to be a large order this year!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

What the?

Nothing like walking past the bathroom and seeing this....

Monday, July 9, 2012

Zach's Night with the Orem Owlz

Tonight Zach's little league team (which ended their season undefeated) had a chance to run out on the field with the Orem Owlz starting line up. The Owlz are a team that feeds the Anaheim Angels major league team. So for these boys it was a big deal. Randomly, they had Zach run out with the left fielder, which I don't think he's ever played that position but oh we'll! It was a fun evening with the family at the ball park! Look how happy Zach is on these photos. Now on to the State Tournament next week! Go Cubs!

Caleb's Snow Bound!

Well actually, he's Snow College bound! He took off the the Viking Football team yesterday for a week long camp. I know he will do well, but it is always hard to have my children away! I loved that Craig was able to sneak out of Bishop duties for a few minutes to come home and eat with us before Caleb had to leave...but I loved it even more that Caleb asked for a fathers blessing from Craig. It pretty much made my day! I dropped him off at the school, he gave me a hug and quickly said "love you mom" and headed off to the gathering team. Of course, me being me, I had to wait to see the busses take off. Little did I know that would take an hour! But it was so worth the busses were leaving the parking lot, Caleb looked out his opened window and smiled his cutest smile and waved to me! Ahh! I love that kid! It was just what I needed! Craig and Zach are heading down to Ephriam,UT on Thursday to watch him play which I am jealous of but I will get to see him soon after that! This year the coaches told them no phones, which I like, but don't love that I won't be getting the daily updates from him. I can't wait to hear all about it.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Family Room Campout

I know I am so far behind in posts..more to come soon I promise.
The kids have been sleeping pretty much anywhere all summer and this morning I finally captured them sound asleep! Nothing sweeter than children sleeping!

More to come!

Friday, June 1, 2012

Liberty's NINE

Another birthday for Liberty!  She is NINE!  I can't believe it!  She had a great day!  We went out for JCW'S with Grammy & Papa.  We all enjoyed the yumminess of that!  She got clothes and some fun stuff from her grandparents.  We spent the evening doing yard work, burning branches, and just being together.  Happy Birthday Liberty!
(Sadly, all of these photos were taken after we had been working in the yard, so that's why she is wearing her "work clothes")
Opening her fun stuff from Grandma & Grandpa & Grammy & Papa!
 Liberty chose strawberry cheesecake for her b-day cake!  YUM!

 Libby showing how old she is!

Big Day!

Caleb was surrounded by grandparents, siblings and us who love and support him.  It is exciting to see him grow and become a great young man.  The strangest thing to think about is that the next ordination will be advancing to an Elder!  YIKES!  That seems unreal!  He is growing up way to fast!

 A funny story about the day...Caleb and the youth of our ward had an assignment to help at the Developmental Center during our normal church time.  Craig just thought he would have to wait to present Caleb to the ward as becoming a Priest.  The youth got done early, and started to trickle into Sacrament Meeting.  Well, all but Caleb.  Caleb decided to walk home because he wasn't feeling good.  Keep in mind it was raining cats and dogs, but he still walked home.  Craig was stressing, the clock was winding down and he still couldn't see Caleb from the stand.  I had taken Brit out into the hall, and all of the sudden Caleb came running down the hall and headed into the chapel.  I quickly calmed Brit down and followed him in, asking him what was going on.  He said "Dad has been texting me telling me to get here as fast I as I could.  I was soaking wet from walking in the rain, so I had to change everything.  When I was finished getting changed, I knew I couldn't walk back down, so I drove Dad's Mustang down."  He was grinning ear to ear!  I just laughed! 
Craig called him up onto the stand, and while Caleb was walking up Craig grabbed the step stool they use for the Primary children and stepped up onto it, so he could be taller than Caleb (an on going joke with them).  That got a laugh, and then as Caleb was about to come sit down, Craig shook his hand, and Caleb handed him the keys.  Oh, the look on Craig's face was PRICELESS!  I was laughing!  Caleb sat down next to me and said, "I knew he couldn't get made at me in front of the entire congregation!"  Smart boy! 

I couldn't resist adding this photo.  Look at that cute Bishop! 

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Sweet Sixteen!!

Hard to believe that my little guy is now not so little and yesterday he turned 16!!

My little Caleb 16??? How can this be? I swear I was just 16! (I know, it's time to come to grips with my age!) But seriously, this young man brings me so much JOY! He is a great kid! He is growing up to be a "fine young man"! I know that I am his mom and yes, I am very bias, but really, he is GOOD! He works hard at what he does, he is a great brother (except for when he's not!), he is a crack up (he get's that from me!), he loves life! And we all love him!

Thanks to his cutestcousin/best friend for planninga wonderful day! It started with him being dragged out of bed by her and other friends and cousins...taken to breakfast...going to the movies...coming home and putting together his birthday present from us (a desk for his bedroom)... visiting with Grammy & Papa...then off again for a fun evening of trampoline basketball, foam pits & more! I think he had a great birthday!
One disappointment...his Jeep never was delivered! He dreamt that wewere going to get a Jeep for him. Dream on Caleb!! He has to finish up his Eagle Project and then a driver he will be! That was the plan all along, he said yesterday, he wished he would have done it all at 13! But it will come, not to worry, like I said he is a worker that one!

So Happy Happy Birthday to my first born, Caleb! I love you so much, we all do! Thanks for bringing a light of love and happiness into our lives! Continue to do your best, work hard and you will accomplish great things!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012


What happened to March??? I cannot believe how fast it went! But really, who am I kidding, every month flies by!
Just as a recap, here's what we did...

*Favorite Things Party- Jen (SIL) planned one for all the girls...Oh my goodness, it was so much fun!
*Ward RS B-day Party- ended up being a very enjoyable evening with some pretty amazing ladies
*Pulled off 29 Spring Programs at Kids Village! WHEW! The children did GREAT!!! But for whatever reason, it is a very stressful week!
*Was in charge of Book Club this month...I sort of cheated and held it at Kneaders, but we still had a fun time discussing the book. I really have enjoyed being a part of a book club.
*Craig & Caleb survived the first survival camp out in preparation for their High Adventure. It started with catching their dinner (bunnies running around one of the leaders backyard!) They had to catch, kill, skin & cook their rabbits. That was their food. They could only bring a sleeping bag and one other item. Caleb brought string...yep, that's going to keep those animals away!!! They drove off, blindfolded, drove 2 hours away, being blindfolded the entire time! Now that must have been a sight! I think Caleb said that they ate around midnight...and stars, woke up and hiked. Believe me, I was very happy to see them walk in the door!
*We had our traditional Green Dinner forSt. Patrick's Day!
*Libby contracted some horrible gum disease! Seriously, what mom thinks of gum disease? I took her into the Dr. thinking she had strep, nothing, she had a mouth full of canker sores, and finally after Brit bumped into her and her mouth was full of blood, I took her to the dentist. She passed it to Zach, and they spent a week out of school. At the end of the week, they were both SO bored, they couldn't wait to get back into school. I am happy to say that they are both doing much better!
*Mixed in were meetings, work, Scouts, spending time with family, school, homework, Activity Days, and just our day to day events.

Sadly, I can say that I only got one photo in all of March. With all of that going camera was never in my hand. After I figured that out, I was sick. April will be better! And what was the one photo taken...well, someone thought of the camera at our Green Dinner, and here I am waiting for the fun to begin. I know the best photo EVER!

So here's to having a slower April! I can dream can't I!

Happy April!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Valentine's Dinner

Traditions never die...even when the Mom is sick! I found this out the hard way this year. I had planned on doing our annual LOVE DINNER with the kids, and woke up sicker than a dog on Valentine's day! NO FUN! But the party must go on. I was able to get some decorations out order the heart shaped pizza, dip strawberries, make brownies, and a few other things and it actually went off without a hitch! Caleb had a basketball game that night so we had to eat a bit early. But no one was complaining! Another fun Valentine's Day with the entire family!

A view of the food

Table, food and a few of the decorations
Brit waiting patiently...

The whole gang! I have such a cute family!
Brit snapped a shot of me serving his food.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine's Day!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Wax Museum

At the Elementary School 5th graders get to be involved in the Wax Museum. Zach came home very excited one day, and he couldn't wait to tell me who he had chosen to be for it. He made me try to guess...I guessed sports people, presidents, or something on that order. He was so proud to tell me that he had chosen Gail Halvorsen (aka The Candy Bomber). It sort of shocked me to be honest. This wasn't the route I thought Zach would go. He dove into the book and worked hard on completing the book and report. It was fun to go over to the school and watch him perform the information he had learned about Gail Halvorsen.

Here is Zach waiting for someone to push his button so he can start his speech.

Zach giving the speech he wrote and memorized. He did a GREAT job!

He wore his Grandpa Veenker's US Air Force coat. We added some printed badges to it just for the day. Grandpa had given it to him a few months earlier.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Sledding at Soldier Hollow

Our family got a chance to go up to Soldier Hollow to sled in January. It was part of Youth Conference, all the youth and their families were invited. We had the sledding hill to ourselves. It was so much fun! Early on a Saturday, temps were a bit chilly but there was fun to be had! It was more than was AWESOME! Here are some pics of our fun time!

This was taken from the top of the sledding was a perfect winter morning. Notice the lack of snow, so the snow machines were going full force!

Caleb posing for a photo

Craig & Lib heading to the the top Me sledding down the hill, I promise you get going pretty fast! It's really fun!

Liberty just finishing her run

Craig doing who knows what!

Randomly, this is the only picture we got of Zach all day. We were there for 2 hours and he was sledding the ENTIRE time!

These two were racing EVERYONE!

Me waiting my turn to go down.

Liberty loving every minute of the fun.

See, you get going so fast, sometimes it's hard to stop...I slammed into the temporary fence. Ooops!Don't worry I was fine, and ready for more fun!

Brit went down twice, then he was done, the rest of the time he played at the bottom of the hill with the unused tubes. He had a great time!

(Most of these photos were taken by Kylie Oyler of our ward, Thanks Kylie!)
We had a very fun time! Everytime we go there we always wonder when we can go back! It's well worth it! The only way to go sledding! They pull you up to the top and you zip down and then go do it all over again. WONDERFUL!