Thursday, April 12, 2012

Sweet Sixteen!!

Hard to believe that my little guy is now not so little and yesterday he turned 16!!

My little Caleb 16??? How can this be? I swear I was just 16! (I know, it's time to come to grips with my age!) But seriously, this young man brings me so much JOY! He is a great kid! He is growing up to be a "fine young man"! I know that I am his mom and yes, I am very bias, but really, he is GOOD! He works hard at what he does, he is a great brother (except for when he's not!), he is a crack up (he get's that from me!), he loves life! And we all love him!

Thanks to his cutestcousin/best friend for planninga wonderful day! It started with him being dragged out of bed by her and other friends and cousins...taken to breakfast...going to the movies...coming home and putting together his birthday present from us (a desk for his bedroom)... visiting with Grammy & Papa...then off again for a fun evening of trampoline basketball, foam pits & more! I think he had a great birthday!
One disappointment...his Jeep never was delivered! He dreamt that wewere going to get a Jeep for him. Dream on Caleb!! He has to finish up his Eagle Project and then a driver he will be! That was the plan all along, he said yesterday, he wished he would have done it all at 13! But it will come, not to worry, like I said he is a worker that one!

So Happy Happy Birthday to my first born, Caleb! I love you so much, we all do! Thanks for bringing a light of love and happiness into our lives! Continue to do your best, work hard and you will accomplish great things!


Cortney Chambers said...

Happy Birthday Caleb!

What a cute group of kids!

Maybe Brit could share a toy Jeep! :)