Wednesday, April 4, 2012


What happened to March??? I cannot believe how fast it went! But really, who am I kidding, every month flies by!
Just as a recap, here's what we did...

*Favorite Things Party- Jen (SIL) planned one for all the girls...Oh my goodness, it was so much fun!
*Ward RS B-day Party- ended up being a very enjoyable evening with some pretty amazing ladies
*Pulled off 29 Spring Programs at Kids Village! WHEW! The children did GREAT!!! But for whatever reason, it is a very stressful week!
*Was in charge of Book Club this month...I sort of cheated and held it at Kneaders, but we still had a fun time discussing the book. I really have enjoyed being a part of a book club.
*Craig & Caleb survived the first survival camp out in preparation for their High Adventure. It started with catching their dinner (bunnies running around one of the leaders backyard!) They had to catch, kill, skin & cook their rabbits. That was their food. They could only bring a sleeping bag and one other item. Caleb brought string...yep, that's going to keep those animals away!!! They drove off, blindfolded, drove 2 hours away, being blindfolded the entire time! Now that must have been a sight! I think Caleb said that they ate around midnight...and stars, woke up and hiked. Believe me, I was very happy to see them walk in the door!
*We had our traditional Green Dinner forSt. Patrick's Day!
*Libby contracted some horrible gum disease! Seriously, what mom thinks of gum disease? I took her into the Dr. thinking she had strep, nothing, she had a mouth full of canker sores, and finally after Brit bumped into her and her mouth was full of blood, I took her to the dentist. She passed it to Zach, and they spent a week out of school. At the end of the week, they were both SO bored, they couldn't wait to get back into school. I am happy to say that they are both doing much better!
*Mixed in were meetings, work, Scouts, spending time with family, school, homework, Activity Days, and just our day to day events.

Sadly, I can say that I only got one photo in all of March. With all of that going camera was never in my hand. After I figured that out, I was sick. April will be better! And what was the one photo taken...well, someone thought of the camera at our Green Dinner, and here I am waiting for the fun to begin. I know the best photo EVER!

So here's to having a slower April! I can dream can't I!

Happy April!