Saturday, February 25, 2012

Wax Museum

At the Elementary School 5th graders get to be involved in the Wax Museum. Zach came home very excited one day, and he couldn't wait to tell me who he had chosen to be for it. He made me try to guess...I guessed sports people, presidents, or something on that order. He was so proud to tell me that he had chosen Gail Halvorsen (aka The Candy Bomber). It sort of shocked me to be honest. This wasn't the route I thought Zach would go. He dove into the book and worked hard on completing the book and report. It was fun to go over to the school and watch him perform the information he had learned about Gail Halvorsen.

Here is Zach waiting for someone to push his button so he can start his speech.

Zach giving the speech he wrote and memorized. He did a GREAT job!

He wore his Grandpa Veenker's US Air Force coat. We added some printed badges to it just for the day. Grandpa had given it to him a few months earlier.