Friday, June 1, 2012

Big Day!

Caleb was surrounded by grandparents, siblings and us who love and support him.  It is exciting to see him grow and become a great young man.  The strangest thing to think about is that the next ordination will be advancing to an Elder!  YIKES!  That seems unreal!  He is growing up way to fast!

 A funny story about the day...Caleb and the youth of our ward had an assignment to help at the Developmental Center during our normal church time.  Craig just thought he would have to wait to present Caleb to the ward as becoming a Priest.  The youth got done early, and started to trickle into Sacrament Meeting.  Well, all but Caleb.  Caleb decided to walk home because he wasn't feeling good.  Keep in mind it was raining cats and dogs, but he still walked home.  Craig was stressing, the clock was winding down and he still couldn't see Caleb from the stand.  I had taken Brit out into the hall, and all of the sudden Caleb came running down the hall and headed into the chapel.  I quickly calmed Brit down and followed him in, asking him what was going on.  He said "Dad has been texting me telling me to get here as fast I as I could.  I was soaking wet from walking in the rain, so I had to change everything.  When I was finished getting changed, I knew I couldn't walk back down, so I drove Dad's Mustang down."  He was grinning ear to ear!  I just laughed! 
Craig called him up onto the stand, and while Caleb was walking up Craig grabbed the step stool they use for the Primary children and stepped up onto it, so he could be taller than Caleb (an on going joke with them).  That got a laugh, and then as Caleb was about to come sit down, Craig shook his hand, and Caleb handed him the keys.  Oh, the look on Craig's face was PRICELESS!  I was laughing!  Caleb sat down next to me and said, "I knew he couldn't get made at me in front of the entire congregation!"  Smart boy! 

I couldn't resist adding this photo.  Look at that cute Bishop!