Thursday, February 16, 2012

Sledding at Soldier Hollow

Our family got a chance to go up to Soldier Hollow to sled in January. It was part of Youth Conference, all the youth and their families were invited. We had the sledding hill to ourselves. It was so much fun! Early on a Saturday, temps were a bit chilly but there was fun to be had! It was more than was AWESOME! Here are some pics of our fun time!

This was taken from the top of the sledding was a perfect winter morning. Notice the lack of snow, so the snow machines were going full force!

Caleb posing for a photo

Craig & Lib heading to the the top Me sledding down the hill, I promise you get going pretty fast! It's really fun!

Liberty just finishing her run

Craig doing who knows what!

Randomly, this is the only picture we got of Zach all day. We were there for 2 hours and he was sledding the ENTIRE time!

These two were racing EVERYONE!

Me waiting my turn to go down.

Liberty loving every minute of the fun.

See, you get going so fast, sometimes it's hard to stop...I slammed into the temporary fence. Ooops!Don't worry I was fine, and ready for more fun!

Brit went down twice, then he was done, the rest of the time he played at the bottom of the hill with the unused tubes. He had a great time!

(Most of these photos were taken by Kylie Oyler of our ward, Thanks Kylie!)
We had a very fun time! Everytime we go there we always wonder when we can go back! It's well worth it! The only way to go sledding! They pull you up to the top and you zip down and then go do it all over again. WONDERFUL!