Saturday, February 21, 2009

BYU Gymnastics Meet

BYU Gymnastics meet -- Friday, Feb. 20th

A good friend called a couple of weeks ago and asked if we would like to go to a BYU Gymnastics thought was, never been to one, could be fun....Libby would like to watch these talented girls. So of course we took the chance and went.

With 9 children, and 4 adults...we ventured over to the BYU Marriot Center last night. My one complaint was that those seats are just way to close to each other! The kids thought it was great to watch them for the first 3 rotations...because that is how long their snacks lasted. It was was certain that they would ask to go up top and run around. It wasn't a packed house so I didn't mind letting them go run up top for a while. We kept an eye on them as they ran up and down the aisles of chairs. They were loving it. They enjoyed watching the girls flip, twirl, dance, hold their balance for a lot longer than I thought they would. It was a fun night.

A few of the 9 eating their snacks and enjoying each other's company.

Liberty wanted to take photos of some of the gymnasts...this is what she caught. There were 4 schools competing and I don't think she ever got a photo of BYU who we were there to watch. But who cares.

Lib was particularily proud of this shot...she thought it was amazing to watch the girls on the bars.

She did take this one of all the competing teams awaiting the announcement of the winner of the meet. BYU came in 2nd place. They did a great job.

The kids were happy and had a good time. Something new is always good! On our way out Zach came up to me while I was on the phone with Craig and said, "Mom, I found this!" I wasn't being attentive to him at all and just kind of blew it off. As we were getting into the car I asked him what he had found. He got this greatest grin on his face and handed me a wad of cash! He said, "I got 23 bucks mom!!!" I didn't really know what to do...there was no one out walking around that we could turn it into. So I let him keep it. He was a new little boy. He thought it was so cool. However, I feel awful that some college student is walking around 23 bucks short. So sad. I remember those days. But my boy is happy as a lark! Horrible I know.

I know this is dark, but you can see the joy on Zach's face knowing he was rich! They had fun climbing all over the piles of dirty snow on the way to the car.

Thanks to my friend who invited us to be a part of this fun night. I was of course wiped out when I got home...but what else is new? I even sported a tight BYU shirt of Craig's. Kind of funny! I unfortunately didn't get a photo of me in it. Believe me I spared you!

For sure a fun way to spend a Friday night!