Wednesday, February 25, 2009


There should be an official announcment here on the blog...

Brit Runner Veenker

was born Tuesday, February 24, 2009 @ 11:06 am

weighing in at 9 pounds 10 ounces; measuring 21.5 inches long

We as a family are very happy to have him here with us. He is adorable, he has stolen our hearts already!

Now for the story that fills in the gaps from Monday's post. Just after I finsihed posting the post about how bad my day was, I had to get up and change the laundry so Caleb would have clean/dry jeans for the next day. I was going to crawl into bed but decided to wait until I was sure they were dry before I got into bed. I got comfy on the couch and turned on the tv...I don't know how long after I had fallen alseep I realized that my water had broken. I was so wasted already, that when it all was happening, I was totally in a daze. Craig even mentioned that. I was trying to get everything ready for the kids while I was gone, and still gather the last minute things I would need for the hospital. It seemed surreal. We made it to the hospital at about 1:oo am, I was admitted and then waited to see if my body would start labor by itself. at about 2:30 they started the pitosin (spelling???) on a very low dose. By 7:30ish when the dr. came to check on me he told them to give me the highest dose so we could get things going. I was given my epidural at about 8:00 am and once that took complete effect, I took a nice nap until 10:30 am. I was woken up telling me to get ready to have the baby. At about 11:00am things were rolling, with 3 contractions I pushed and Brit was here! We were a bit shocked at how big he was, especially because he is 3 weeks early! YIKES! I have never been one to love being in the hospital, it is nice to have meals brought right to me, and snacks available when I need them...but I can't wait to get home. It will be real our family will be complete and together. It was a shock to me that he came when he did, but man am I thankful...I don't know how much longer I could have carried him. I was miserable!
PS - My feet are still as big as bricks, and yes I pretty much look like I am still 8 months prego, but Brit somehow makes me forget about these things. So yes, I have a new battle ahead of me, but I am just not goingto worry about that right now! It will come soon enough!

Happy Family

Here is a quick photo of our cute little family. The 3 older children are very excited to have Brit here...they have enjoyed coming to visit us at the hospital. We all can't wait to be home
tomorrow! Then we can be together as a family!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Everyone Has These Kinds Of Days!

Today started off like any other day...I got up, got the kids off to school, and had to rush to my dr. appointment. I got there and knew that it was going to be a trying day to say the least. I wasn't feeling the greatest. I got into the room and the nurse said he was running a little late, not a big deal. Well, as I sat there I started to get so hot, and even while fanning myself with the Redbook Magazine I had been reading, I just could cool myself. He came in and just like always started by asking me how I was doing...well, I couldn't believe I allowed myself to do this but I just burst into tears and all I could say is "I can't lie anymore, I am not feeling well, I am tired". You see I haven't slept well for months, (careful...this is where all the complaining will come in!!) I can't move like I usually can, my brick feet are hurting more and more each day and I am HUGE! I feel it and obviously look it from some looks and comments I have had made to me by many people. Which normally I just laugh off and call it good, but for whatever reason my poor doctor caught me at the right moment and I couldn't hold it in any longer. I pulled myself together and the appointment ended with no real new news.

I got in the car, called Craig and lost it again. I just couldn't help it. I stopped and treated myself to a yummy Daylight Doughnut and a beverage. I felt as if I for some reason I deserved it. Don't ask me why cause that is the last thing I need these days. I took a nap after Lib and I ate lunch and just kept having this pitty party all day long. I did get a few things accomplished but still I wasn't my usual self. I made dinner and after dinner I blew up at Zach when he accidently dropped a plate and I felt horrible. I went into my room, plopped down on my bed and started to cry again. I feel like I am loosing my temper way too much over the dumbest things. I feel bad. Craig came in after a few minutes and we talked and I felt better. He told me to just go to bed, but I couldn't we were having Family Home Evening. When I walked out to join the already started FHE, my children just looked at me. In the middle of our lesson, Craig's parents came to join us. His mom looked at me and asked if I was okay, once again...I started to cry. But had to wait until we were finished to actually explain myself. We talked after and they were both very understanding with me even with the tears flowing freely! After, Grandma read stories to Lib the boys played bowling on the Wii and I watched. It was a fun night and it was just what I needed to pull me out of my pity. Craig and his dad gave me a blessing and I feel better. I know that tomorrow will be a better day.

I know that it is totally normal to have these types of days...but I will be honest with you, I don't like them. I would much rather have a day of laughter and joy, or even just a normal same old, same old day. Today wore me out. I don't like it at all. So here's to a much better day tomorrow!!!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

BYU Gymnastics Meet

BYU Gymnastics meet -- Friday, Feb. 20th

A good friend called a couple of weeks ago and asked if we would like to go to a BYU Gymnastics thought was, never been to one, could be fun....Libby would like to watch these talented girls. So of course we took the chance and went.

With 9 children, and 4 adults...we ventured over to the BYU Marriot Center last night. My one complaint was that those seats are just way to close to each other! The kids thought it was great to watch them for the first 3 rotations...because that is how long their snacks lasted. It was was certain that they would ask to go up top and run around. It wasn't a packed house so I didn't mind letting them go run up top for a while. We kept an eye on them as they ran up and down the aisles of chairs. They were loving it. They enjoyed watching the girls flip, twirl, dance, hold their balance for a lot longer than I thought they would. It was a fun night.

A few of the 9 eating their snacks and enjoying each other's company.

Liberty wanted to take photos of some of the gymnasts...this is what she caught. There were 4 schools competing and I don't think she ever got a photo of BYU who we were there to watch. But who cares.

Lib was particularily proud of this shot...she thought it was amazing to watch the girls on the bars.

She did take this one of all the competing teams awaiting the announcement of the winner of the meet. BYU came in 2nd place. They did a great job.

The kids were happy and had a good time. Something new is always good! On our way out Zach came up to me while I was on the phone with Craig and said, "Mom, I found this!" I wasn't being attentive to him at all and just kind of blew it off. As we were getting into the car I asked him what he had found. He got this greatest grin on his face and handed me a wad of cash! He said, "I got 23 bucks mom!!!" I didn't really know what to do...there was no one out walking around that we could turn it into. So I let him keep it. He was a new little boy. He thought it was so cool. However, I feel awful that some college student is walking around 23 bucks short. So sad. I remember those days. But my boy is happy as a lark! Horrible I know.

I know this is dark, but you can see the joy on Zach's face knowing he was rich! They had fun climbing all over the piles of dirty snow on the way to the car.

Thanks to my friend who invited us to be a part of this fun night. I was of course wiped out when I got home...but what else is new? I even sported a tight BYU shirt of Craig's. Kind of funny! I unfortunately didn't get a photo of me in it. Believe me I spared you!

For sure a fun way to spend a Friday night!

Monday, February 16, 2009

President's Day

It was so nice to sleep in this moring...we got moving around 10:00 am decided to go to a movie. We ventured to the local dollar movie to see Bolt...which just so happened to be sold out. Along with evey other appropriate movie. Plan B was head to BYU for an afternoon at the Art and Bean Museums. We got a bit to eat at Wendy's $ menu and off we went. We had a great time wandering around the Museum of Art checking out the new display from Dan Steinhilber which is pretty entertaining. We thought it was cool. Check out Lib and Zach in front of this balloon piece...very cool.

This is just a whole bunch of balloons all tangled together to form a circle. The kids thought it was so cool.

We kept wandering through the other displays and found a marble sculpture of Abe Lincoln...and since it was President's Day we were celebrating...we had to pause and pay tribute. Nice photos huh?

Caleb being Caleb!

Zach trying to look right into his eyes.
I love this of Lib...she looks so in awe of the art.

I turned around after looking at a painting and found my children doing this...can't take them anywhere!

We had so much fun that Lib didn't want to leave and proceeded to pull a fit. Why does this have to happen? Luckily she snapped right out of it after we let he sit on this particular chair for a few minutes. After leaving BYU we got a yummy shake to top the outing off. It was a lot of fun. I am sure the movie would have been great also but this was a close second.

Lib having her moment.

After getting home and settling down for a while we held Family Home Evening...and for activity we learned how to make paper airplanes. Craig was the teacher and this brought pure enjoyment to all three children. We had to take many photos to get one of all of the airplanes in flight. Lots of fun!

Finally a photo with all three airplanes took about 20 tries to get this just right. Thank heavens for digital cameras!!

Now back to the same old, homework, chores, all that jazz! It was a great weekend.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Happy Valentines Day!!!

We had a very busy day today! We headed up to Draper to meet up with the family for brunch before going to the Draper Temple Open House. We met at mom & dad's house and had a great brunch...lots of yummy food to eat. The kids exchanged Valentines in the most unique way...I had to take a photo of it cause it made me laugh!

This was the exchange of Valentines...instead of lining bags up or something everyone stood in the middle of the room yelling to each other 'Hey, did you get one from me?" I couldn't help but laugh. Funny thing is that it worked. Everyone seemed to get one from everyone else. Amazing. It was very funny to watch valentines treats being thrown around the room.

After eating, exchanging and chatting for a while we headed to our designated spot for the open house. We chose a busy day to go...but I am glad we did. I hope my children won't ever forget going. The bus ride up to the temple was a high light for the little children...they loved it. I sort got a glimpse of what a sardine must feel like. We were squished in. We arrived at the temple and started the walk was so nice to see our group of 22 so respectful and reverent. Even the youngest understood that we were inside a holy temple. It was a wonderful experience for all of us. After going through the whole temple they had a wonderful display set up in an adjacent church building with cookies and water for everyone. The kids thought that was icing on the cake. I loved that we could be a part of it. In a couple of weeks we get a chance to attend the Dedication. What a great thing to always remember.

The Draper Temple

Zacg having a fun time talking to Papa on the bus. He loved that he got to stand up.

Here we are just as we finished our tour. I told you I was HUGE!!

I will admit...the tour took its toll on was physically taxing on me. It was extremely warm in the temple and all the walking made my feet HUGE!!! I was wiped out. But that didn't stop us from having our family Valentines dinner when we got home. Once again we had heart shape pizza, salad, red punch with heart shaped ice and cheese cakes. YUM! We had a great time being together as a family. After dinner, the kids wanted to go play basketball ... I know how romantic!!! We went and we had a good time being together, we came home and watched Down and Derby (Zach got this for Valentines Day).

Waiting to eat our Heart Shaped dinner.

Caleb taking a shot.

Zach just enjoying shooting around. He love basketball.

Here is the gang playing a quick game...Caleb and Zach against Liberty and Craig.

Liberty loved dribbling the ball all over the gym. She had a lot of fun!

the night would not have been complete with a big jump from Craig. The kids thought this was awesome! They say it looks like he is walking in air.

It was a eventful yet fun day! It was great to spend time with family.
Happy Valentine's Day 2009!

Day 14 ... a day late!

Day 14 ... I LOVE ...


I have the best man ever! He is amazing. I am so lucky to have him. I love that he is willing to take care such good care of me lately. He has been so much help to me...and yes...we both have to laugh at the state that I am in right now or else we would cry! His favorite quote these days comes from Madagascar 2...when Moto Moto say...

"Goodness Girl, you're huge!"

My reply is...

"You just love me for my roundness!"

and for whatever reason...our crazy sense of humor thinks that is hilarious and we laugh our heads off! Some may find this outrageous, but we have the type of relationship that can handle this type of humor and I love him for it.

He has given me so much happiness and joy over the last 14 years and I love him more everyday!

Happy Valentines to My LOVE!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Day 13

Day 13 ... I LOVE ...

These guys!!!


Even if I am struggling with the fact that he is growing up so fast, and that he can all but look me in the eye...he will always still be my little boy. He is an amazing young man! What a great example to his brother and sister!


My funny man! There isn't a day that goes by that he doesn't do something that cracks me up. I love him to pieces...he is growing up and changing so fast it is crazy!


My little girl-a! I love that I have her to share all my girly things with, I love that she loves them. She is a great sister to the boys! It is hard for me to think of life before my little Libby-Sue!

These guys bring me so much joy, happiness, stress, confussion, laughter, tears, and love...I can't express how wonderful they make my life. I have wonderful children...I love them very much!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Day Twelve!

Day 12 ... I LOVE ...
Fun Surprises!!!!

Last night as I was sitting in my office folding clothes, there was a knock at the door. I thought it was Caleb coming home from the church. But as I got to the door I was so surprised to see this!

Someone had come to my house and gave us a HEART ATTACK! I just laughed and ran and got the camera to take a photo...there was also a plate of these....

which were quickly gobbled up as a wonderful night time snack! I don't know who did it...I have some assumptions that I can make but couldn't tell you. But the funny thing was at first I was thinking it was someone I knew...but then a weird thought came to my mind...maybe this was all for Caleb! He wouldn't like it if he heard me say that!

But who ever it was...I thank them. There is nothing better than opening your door and having a fun surprise waiting for you! You just can't help but smile! I am keeping it up until Valentine's Day! I love it!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Day Eleven...the countdown continues!

Day 11 ... I LOVE ...

Chocolate Covered Cinnamon Bears!!!

I can't even remember when I was introduced to these lovely candies...but you just can't go wrong! They are good any day of the week. They are a treat that I tend to hind these although I don't really have to because no one else likes them. Sometimes I make them because they are cheaper this way but other times I slurge and buy them as a special treat for myself. If you have never tried must!! Very tasty!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Day 10

Day 10 ... I LOVE ...

kids singing patriotic songs!

Here is Liberty just getting ready to start the first song which was called The Pledge of cute!

Today was the Kids Village Patriotic program. They do this every year right around Presidents Day. I love sitting there just listening to the mixture of voices, mumbled words at times, and enthusiasm and ended up crying. Okay, I know the hormones are all out of wack right now but to be there and listen to these darling children (whom I know and love) sing "I'm Proud To Be An American" sorry, you can't say it wouldn't bring you to tears. Then directly after that having one of the students from the stage wave and yell out "Hi, Miss Cricket!" Tears were flowing! But I gained composure quickly!!! Nothing cuter than these little voices singing songs I love!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Day Nine

Day Nine ... I LOVE ...


Check out my finds!

I love days like today...I have been looking for some pajamas for after I have the baby but me being the cheap-o that I am I couldn't bring myself to paying full price. Well while Lib was at a b-day party in Spanish Fork I was killing time at the local KMart...and I found pajamas for $3.50 a pair. So I bought out the place ... I purchased 5 pair of pajamas and new slippers (which I desperately needed, my old ones died a few weeks ago!) all for $21.00. All I can say is I see comfort in my future! Nothing better than nice warm pajamas to lounge in. Perfect for after the baby!

Day 8

Day 8 ... I LOVE

that I am a member of

It just makes me happy everyday! I love it!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Day 7

Day 7 ... I LOVE


Today I got the chance to just walk around Target all by myself while Lib was at a b-day party. I love this store. I can always find something there to fall in love with. What a great store!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Countdown Continues

Day 6.... I LOVE....

Brownie Edges!!!

Don't get me wrong...I won't pass on a center piece, but I LOVE the crunchy edges!!! YUMMY!

I can't wait to get my hands on one of these pans...this will make my future brownies heavenly! Yep, in case you were wondering I am currently awaiting some yummy carmel brownies to come out of the oven!!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

The Things I Love!

A friend of mine has been counting down the days until Valentine's Day by listing something she loves everyday. I decided to give it a try even if I am 5 days into my countdown...I will just have to catch up. I think the hardest part is coming up with only 14 things from a list of so many. So here it goes...

Day 1 ... I Love

To listen and watch Zach when he is listening to the i-pod. It is hilarious!

When he listens...all we hear is mumbling then about every 5th word he will sing. He dances all over the sort of takes him to his own little world.

Day 2....I LOVE...
Chili's Salsa

I pretty much will eat all salsas...but there is something about Chili's that well YUM!

Day 3....I LOVE...

Getting Pedicures!!! I love the way my feet feel and look after a good pedi! I find myself looking at my feet alot!

Day 4...I LOVE...
Having creative moments...they don't happen as often but I love it when I get an idea and actually get the chance to make something and have it all work out.

Day 5...I LOVE
the soundtrack from WICKED....many days you could probably hear it's songs streaming from my windows...I can turn it up and sit and enjoy it or I can be singing at the top of my lungs!
Favorite song: For Good