Monday, June 9, 2008


That is the best way that I can explain my weekend. The kids were watching the Incredibles and the little boy at the end who sees Mr. Incredible do something with his "super powers" shockingly says "that was totally wicked", I had to use that caption for my post. That comment pretty much sums up the experience.

Here we are just about to go into the theater
I have fallen in love with Wicked. After it was all over all I could think of is how badly I wanted my family to see it! They all would love it. So hopefully I can get enough tickets when it comes to Salt Lake. We had amazing seats! 6th row! We joked about how we could see the actors spit! I know that is not something I would usually want to see but that just gives you an idea of how close we were. I loved watching their emotion as they sang and the costumes were wonderful! I loved every part of it!
The Wicked weekend did not disappoint. We had an amazing adventure that is for sure! Here are somethings I will never forget!

  • Standing around the Las Vegas Airport watching people while waiting for our luggage and seeing a guy who looked like Jack Sparrow...I was hoping that that was the look he was going for. But who knows. (Strangely enough we saw him again at the airport as we were heading home)

  • A road trip full of fun music and Liz & Dana singing their hearts out, using adapters as microphones. Classic!
  • Arriving in LA and not being able to get out of traffic until we left. I had forgotten about the constant traffic. No matter what time it is.

  • Our stress to get to the play on time, we were starving and needed to eat before. Keep in mind the traffic made it so we were in a time crunch. Luckily we found a cute pizza place around the corner from the theater. Great Pizza!

  • The sky writers we saw. It was cool. We thought it was appropriate that we saw it on our way, it reminded us of the wicked witch writing "beware" in the sky. Pretty cool!

  • Noticing smoke coming out of Liz's car...there was a burning smell. Not a good sign! Ended up takinig it in for a broken power steering hose. Big fire hazard apparently.

  • Being in another time crunch...leaving the car, picking up a rental car with a broken GPS, having to get back to the Pantages Theater before the matinee starts to check for Liz's lost wallet.
  • Getting a referal from the guy at Jiffy Lube on where to get at pedi! Lee's Nails in LA luckily it was within walking distance from the Jiffy Lube, but after having it done and trying to walk back to find out the fate of the car, my flip flop broke while crossing some big major street, it was funny, but my foot was completely back just after my lovely pedi! Bummer!

  • On our way to the theater driving down Santa Monica Blvd. seeing many things. Some pretty cool things, others not so cool. We did get to see the LA Temple, yes we were the ones sticking our cameras out the window taking photos while driving by. Also, getting caught in the Gay Pride festivities while driving down the street.

  • Hollywood Blvd. also an interesting place. We saw everything, some I could have lived without seeing, but I have never been walking down the street seeing people with a joint sticking out of thier mouths! Wow! I must live in Utah!

  • Being chased by some guy in a horror film character costume (I honestly don't have a clue which one but he was freaky looking). I secretly wanted to scream out loud but was brave and just ran faster to catch up with Liz and Dana who were also running from him.

  • Returning to our hotel and having the entire building thumping from the music which went on until about 2:00 am. Very interesting.

  • Rushing back to get the car from the Acura dealership before it closed and heading back to Las Vegas. The car trip was full of great conversations and lots of laughing.

These are just a few things that happened. I know it is a long post. Sorry. But there was so much fun packed into 4 days it was just crazy. I love being with these ladies. They are those kinds of friends that no matter how much time it has been between visits, it feels like just yesterday. Although we never found the wallet and some may feel that a car breaking down could put a burden on a weekend, well you are wrong! We had a great time. I can't wait to do it again. So much fun. Yes, I did miss my family, just like I always do. I know they missed me also, they were happy to see me. Love that feeling. I haven't gotten some of my favorite photos from the trip from the other two cameras yet, I will have to post those later, but here are some of mine.

Wicked is highly recommended by me...I give it 2 thumbs up!

Shopping at the mall by the Kodak Theater. Don't know what it is called. But we had fun eating at California Pizza Kitchen and shopping around Sephora.

This is us in the elevator...we took lots of these self portraits. Funny!

My pedi! Loved how it turned out. I didn't have flip flops on so the gave me these foam ones, which FYI don't last more than 5 or 6 steps.

Post Pedi! Group shot! Lovely!


Shelly Kenison said...

Lovely toes, I am sure they made you totally "POPULAR!" I am so jealous of your Wicked weekend. I can't wait to see it in SLC.

Amy-Sue and Gian Del Bello said...

Looks like you had a great time!!! I can't wait to go see Wicked!

Cari said...

Even more jealous!

I love how you girls can turn a bad situation into a fun time. I'm glad you had a well deserved great girls weekend! :)