Friday, June 27, 2008

Final Derby

NOTE: For the life of me I can't get the photos to rotate. So just tilt your head and pretend they are the right direction. Work with me on this one!!! Thanks.

Caleb trying on his wheels for size.

Liberty showing her choice of pre cut car.

Zach showing the future Bumble Bee.

Okay to most people it is called a Pinewood Derby, however; Liberty has always called it a Final Derby. Don't ask me where this came from but once again it is time for Final Derby preparations. Next week is the Williams Family Reunion (Craig's Mom's Family). It is held every 3 years and the kids are way excited! The pinewood derby has become a loved event at the Reunion. This year I decided to let the kids loose and actually let them do it all by themselves, no help from us. It has proven to be quite the undertaking! It has been fun to watch them and document the progress each of their cars have made. Zach quickly decided he wanted to make his look like "Bumblebee" from the Transformer movie. Caleb just said "I want red & black", easy enough. Liberty wanted ... you guessed it ... pink and purple! Surprise. The other day I picked up the pre-cut cars at Roberts and the fun began! It has been fun to see what they have come up with. First the sanding, then the painting, then details and the final clear coat finish. The finished products look great! Total kid done! I did help Liberty put the details on hers but other than that it was all them. Who knows how fast they will go or if they will win but the best part of it all is they did them themselves. Best of luck in the FINAL DERBY!

Liberty painting her sparkly pink car!
Caleb painting the red part of his car.

Zach painting his first color.

Just as a side note, let me tell you about Craig's car. It seriously cracks me up, how into this he gets. He needed 2 kits because he wanted to make his a mustang. He printed the specs off the internet and traced it out and took it to work with him to cut some of it and then will be sanding from now until the race begins! (Maybe not that long but who really has the patience for that? Not me!) He purchased some cool little add on things so it could have a spoiler and the whole works. I love it! I just hope that he has other adults to race with! Or that is a lot of work just to look at it and not race! I love it, if you haven't seen the movie Down and Derby... there is a reason my hubby loves that movie. I think he sees a little bit of himself in the characters. Race details coming soon.

Photos of the final project coming soon! Stay Tuned!


tangleaz said...

Holy Cow Cricket!! It's been too long since I've seen your kids and I can't believe how grown up they are! It's just crazy!! We need to get the Angel Girlfriends together again so we can catch up!! Let's plan a time and place!!!!!!!!!!!