Sunday, June 1, 2008

Do You Feel Boxed In?

Nighty, Night! Sleep Tight!

Yesterday Liberty noticed that I was throwing away a cardboard box. She asked if she could have it. Hey, easy enough for me, free entertainment for her! Great. She used some dot markers that we have and "painted the walls". She told me she wanted it so she could sleep in it. This was at about 3:00pm so I was sure she would forget about it. Well, I was wrong. Caleb came upstairs and asked for the camera...I wasn't catching on at this point, he ran downstairs...and snapped some shots of her asleep in her box! We laughed our heads off. She slept this way all night long. And yes, in case you were wondering she is sleeping in it again tonight! Crazy girl. I guess clostrophobia isn't a problem for her. The simple things that make children happy. Love it!

Look at her sleeping like a baby! Cracks me up!