Monday, June 22, 2009

Strawberry Days Parade

Saturday we ventured out to the Pleasant Grove Strawberry Days Parade. I thought we were so lucky to have nice cool weather, but wasn't thrilled with the rain. LOTS OF RAIN! The rain came off and on through the parade. We got wet, but we survived. The boys were asked to walk in the parade with their football teams. It was fun to call out their names and cheer for them as they came by. They were definately the cutest ones out there!!! Brit, Libby and I enjoyed the parade watching the royalty floats, the marching bands, and the other random floats. We got so much candy and other coupons & stuff. Craig was at the cabin and he missed out on all the fun. I told myself that next year we are going to make Strawberry Days a big deal. There are so many fun activities all week long that I have never taken time to attend. Next year, we will be attending. I love living in Pleasant Grove, it is a great city and from now on Strawberry Days is a high priority. I am sure it will be tons of fun!
Here's Zach, just as another boy walked right in front of him...he was so cute!
My cute football player!

It wouldn't be a Utah parade with out Rodeo Queens!

Some Fire Fighters with the flag at the first of the parade.
I love the hush that comes over the crowd as the flag approaches. It makes me tear up every time.

Here are the darling parade spectators!
Brit wasn't too sure about the parade...all the sirens at the beginning didn't go over to well, but he was a trooper even with the down pours.