Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Father's Day 2009

Brit in his MY DAD ROCKS shirt. Pretty much sums it all up!
Craig with all the kids at the end of the day!

Craig and kids before we were all ready for church. Brit had just gotten out of the bath.

Breakfast is served!!!

Father's Day was exciting as always. This year it was a bit different because Craig had High Council Meeting at 6:00 am. So the traditional breakfast in bed had to be changed a little. We waited for him to get home and he was served, chocolate covered strawberries, and cinnamon biscuts, and milk. Mainly because he had already eaten at 5:30 am his favorite sausage, egg & cheese crossiant. So we had to come up with something fast. I think he liked it. It was odd for the kids to serve him in his office with his suit on. But who cares, it was fun anyway. We gave him his presents and let him eat as we all got ready for church. He got some fun gifts, he got a dutch oven (&lid lifter), all the ingredients for cobbler, a Pleasant Grove Vikings t-shirt for football season, and a strawberry cheesecake another one of his favorites. I think he enjoyed his gifts. The best thing about the day is that he was able to come to our ward. (with his High Council calling he attends a different ward in our stake every week so we don't get to go to church with him.) It was great to have him with us. We enjoyed the day with family, eating a delish dinner of chicken cordon bleu. Can't go wrong with that. Brit showed how much he loves his dad by wearing a onesie that said MY DAD ROCKS on it. He looked so cute.

Craig is an amazing Father! I love how he is such a great example to all of us. He loves his children so much and they love him. Both Craig and I have been blessed with wonderful Father's also. I couldn't ask for better men in my life. Happy Father's Day to all of them. I love you all!


Cortney Chambers said...

that t-shirt is great! those are darling pictures, i love how libby is always smiling cute and the boys are trying to be funny!