Thursday, June 18, 2009

45 Years Together!!!

Harold & Susanne Peterson ** July 13, 1964

Last Saturday my cute parents celebrated thier 45 year anniversary. As the day fastly approached us children tried to think of something we could do to make it meaningful...we came up with a few ideas and finally decided on a couple. My sister Cari made an amazing movie using a ton of fun family photos put to music. Which of course was a hit! Then each of us came up with reasons why we loved Grammy & Papa (Mom & Dad). Having all the grandkids and in-laws do one reason and us children do 3 reasons...we came up with 45 Resons Why We Love Grammy & Papa! I think this was something they loved. Each person took thier turn telling their reason...some were funny, some were serious. There were many laughs and many more tears shed and it was something that I will never forget. Of course they know they are loved but hearing specific reasons why is something amazing to hear.

I must say that I have the greatest parents ever!!! They have had 45 wonderful years together, I am sure some days haven't been bliss, but they have come through those times closer & stronger. They have raised 5 children to be loving, kind, successful & hey pretty darn cool! They now have 20 grandchildren who adore them. It is always a great day when we all get to be together, laugh together & cry together. I love my parents so much and my brother and sisters are my best friends. I hope that I can raise my children to be best friends.

My mom surprised my dad with having his wedding ring that was ripped off his finger at work early in their marriage (like months after married) repaired. I thought it was a very thoughtful gift. I think Dad liked it also!

I captured this cute photo of my parents...this is one that I will always cherish! The love that they have for each other is priceless!


Cortney Chambers said...

cute, cute--love that picture! i loved that party so much, it will always be a great memory!

cari said...

It was so great to be together on Mom and Dad's special day! Thanks for coming up with the 45 reasons idea. It was something they will always remember and cherish and the book was awesome because now they can relive it anytime they want. We are so blessed to have such awesome parents!

Amy-Sue and Gian Del Bello said...

What a wonderful love story your parents have! You are so lucky!

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