Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Cabin Sweet Cabin

Look at how cute this kid looks in his own baby helmet!!! Brit's first trip to the cabin!
He loved the 4 wheelers, and the helmet, until it had to be taken off.

We took a trip down to the cabin this weekend along with Craig's parents. It was so nice up there. I have hesitation about going there during the winter (just cause snow isn't my fav)...but in the summer I really enjoy it. This was Brit's first time at the cabin and well as cute as he it messed up any type of schedule (which he really isn't on one) that he had. He could tell he wasn't at home. But we had a great time. It was a quick trip but fun filled. The boys helped cut a fallen tree up, and burned a lot of it. That was a BIG fire, if I do say so myself. The meadow was filled with smoke! We watched Forever Strong after dark and if you haven't seen this movie it's a must see. We woke up ate, went fishing, rode the 4 wheelers, played horse shoes and just enjoyed being at the cabin. Then we came home!!! Good times! Check out the photos...

Liberty got sick while we were there, but here she is setting the table for breakfast.

Craig busy making breakfast for everyone

Zach and I with helmet heads!

Caleb giving me the thumbs up that he is going to take the lead.

Liberty and I taking a break from our ride to check out Fairview pretty.

Craig taking Brit on his first 4 wheeler ride...both look so cute in their helmets.

Caleb and Grandpa playing horse shoes...Grandpa won. I loved watching them playing and talking to each other. Great quality time together.

Brit and I hanging out in the cabin

While Caleb was eating some string cheese Brit couldn't stop watching him. Here is Brit trying to sneak a bite!!! Love it!

Another great trip to the cabin the first of many this summer! FUN TIMES!!


cari said...

He's a strong little guy to hold that helmet up! So cute. Looks like a fun time!

The Schwab Family said...

Fun times! I love aunt Carlene's cabin!

Merfy said...

What great family memories!