Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Favorite Spot

Every morning after Brit wakes up and eats I put him on the Luv Sac and let him hang out there while I try to get somethings done. He loves it. He looks so small because this thing is huge. He sits and laughs at his brothers and sister while they run around him and sometimes snuggle up with him. Seriously this has to be one of his favorite spots, mainly because I have made it be.
But he looks so stinking cute sitting on it.

He will hang out on the luv sac just watching everything and everyone around him. When he's done relaxing and observing not to worry he let's us know.

Here he is showing off his new found tongue...he loves to have his tongue hanging out of his mouth. It is so funny! It is usually out a little farther than this.


Tori and Steve said...

So Stinkin' cute! I will have to try putting Asher on the luv sac. I would just be afraid of flying children coming from the couch! Anyhow, it was good to see you yesterday! I'm glad we are able to keep in touch this way!

Amy-Sue and Gian Del Bello said...

You take the perfect pictures of him...so cute!