Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Miss Veenker 2009

Lexi, Afton, Hailey, Mya, Liberty, Brooklynn, & McKinsey

Miss Veenker 2009
(sorry some of the photos are blurry!!)
This is something that the Veenker Girls wait all year for. Over the weekend the big event was held. My sister in law Jen came up with the idea to have a Miss Veenker Pageant after we all attended the Miss Pleasant Grove pageant last year. Amazingly, last year she did this all by herself. She held it at her home with the 7 Veenker nieces. Well, this year she asked for help, which I hope took some of the pressure off of her. The girls found out the date and were busy making thier preparations for the big night. They don't take this lightly...this is serious to them. The pageant consists of the following events: Talent, Swimwear, Pajamas, & Evening Gown. After a few weeks of planning and finding just the right talent, clothing and swim suit the girls were ready.
Liberty's Miss Veenker wardrobe all laid out and ready to go.
Liberty getting her makeup done by Wendy

Jen making the finishing touches on Liberty's hair.

We gathered at Grandma Veenker's house at 3:00 pm to get the girls ready...Jen & I doing hair and Wendy doing the girls make up. After everyone was all dolled up, the pageant started. This year we had darling pajamas, various talents like piano & violin playing, dancing, poem reciting, gymnastics routine, and singing. Swimwear was next and everyone of the girls looked darling of course, then the evening gowns...lovely. Then came the judging...the moms who attended came up with awards that described each girl. All the girls recieved an award, a Miss Veenker sash, and flowers. It was so much fun. I loved being a part of it this year. I can't imagine Jen doing this all by herself last year. That had to have been very crazy for her. Liberty in the swimwear competition.

Liberty singing for her talent...she sang "Fly To Your Heart" from Tinkerbell movie.
She did awesome!!!
Here she is in her pink silky pajamas and slippers, she looked so cute!

Liberty striking a pose in her evening gown, she was so graceful!

After the awards, we ate dinner, and headed over to Lexi's dance recital and then back to Grandma's house for a fun night of movies, treats and finally sleep. We woke up to to a wonderful breakfast and all headed home. It was such a great night. The girls all got along so well, and it was fun to have a girl sleepover! Jen is moving to Ohio in August, and we decided to make sure we have Miss Veenker 2010 while she is in town. The talk was to hold it at the cabin next year. Which would be really fun. Thanks Jen for such a great time and all your hard work.

All the girls getting ready for dinner! Noodles, Alfredo Sauce, Salad, Bread & Watermelon.

Check out the photos of our fun night!

Each of the girls got awards that described them!

McKinsey: "Sensationally Spunky" Award

Hailey: "Shimmer & Shine" Award

Brooklynn: "Smiling Chic" Award

Lexi: "Sweetest Curves and Waves" Award

Liberty: "Fashionably Fancy" Award
Afton: "Prettiest Poser" Award
(Afton has the best poses of the night...she really got into it!)
Mya: "Perfectly Poised" Award
Can't wait until next year!!! Thanks Jen for starting a GREAT tradition!!!


cari said...

How fun! Liberty's so cute!

Merfy said...

That looks like a blast! Another great plus for blogs is getting such wonderful ideas from other people!

Brandon & Shelly said...

what a super fun evening! they all look so cute.

journeytojohanssontown said...

That is such a cute idea. I love the idea of a contest where everyone wins