Monday, June 16, 2008

Happy Father's Day!

Craig accepting his gifts. Notice the 2 liter of Root Beer, that was Zach's idea for a gift. Not exactly sure why. I think he drank most of it. Funny!
The kids with Breakfast in Bed for thier Dad! This is taken right as Craig woke up.

I think Craig had a good Father's Day. The kids made his favorite breakfast jiffy blueberry muffin mix waffles with the batter as syrup. (I know it was something I had to aquire a taste for but it is actually pretty good.) They served it to him in bed. Something he really likes. Liberty was asked to sing in church with a few other children, they sang darling Father's Day songs. She looked so cute up there singing right to her Dad! Grammy and Papa were able to come and watch her. It was great to see them as always. We got to wish Papa a Happy Father's Day also. After church we gave Craig his gifts minus one thing because we couldn't find the type of money clip he wanted. So the search is still on. But we spent a relaxing afternoon together as a family. We had dinner with his parents, it was nice. A great meal! YUM! After dinner the rest of the family came over and we had a great time hanging out talking and of course the Sunday evening football game for all the boys and men. Can't go wrong with that happy ending.

Craig is a great dad and a great husband. We all love him so much. I can't express how happy he makes me. It has been 13 years, and we are going strong. The children look up to him so much, he is a great friend and example to all of us. Thanks Craig for everything. And of course we can't forget my dad and Craig's dad, they are both amazing men. Men who have sacraficed many things for our behalf. We love them so much. Thanks to both of them. Just got to say, I love the Men in my life! (you know Craig and Dad & Dad in Law!)


Shelly Kenison said...

When I first saw the breakfast picture I was curious what the yummy sauce was? After reading your post though I was a little grossed out. I think that is one tradition you guys can keep! Happy Fathers Day!