Sunday, June 1, 2008

Dance Festival Fun

I took half day off on Tuesday, May 27th to be able to go watch the boys at the annual Dance Festival at school. It is always a hit every year. We were pleasantly surprised when the weather cooperated with us, it was a beautiful day! Zach was so cute doing the Penguin Dance. He must secretly love to dance, cause he really got into it. Just like last year. I loved watching him when it was "freestyle" dance. He really rocked out.

Zach was so cute! He's got Rhythm!!!!

Caleb was happy that this was his last year for this. He doesn't look forward to it and usually doesn't tell me anything about his dance before hand. This year his grade did the "Boot Scootin' Boogie". He was a crack up. I could just see his mind keeping count. He did a great job. I love how at one part of the dance he looked like he was shoveling the air.

Notice the shoveling motion!

The big finale with the entire school on the field was dedicated to a teacher who was retiring, "Surfin' USA". Every year I love to go and watch this. Liberty and I had a great time finding people we know. It is really fun because our school boundries take in pretty much all of our stake and a little more, so we know lot of the students. I got to see some of my former students and it still feels good to have them remember me. Love that.

Great job boys! I think you are dancers at heart! I will miss watching Caleb next year, but Zach dance your heart out!