Saturday, March 1, 2008

What Do You Do On Saturday Night?

Well, I must say that our Saturday night was very fun...we all just hung out and played all day long.

We had a few errands to run but for the most part we just played. So, I am not sure what your family does for fun...but check out what we do!

I don't really know how this all started but it sure was fun. Watching the kids do it wasn't good enough for Craig and I, so of course we had to get in on the fun!

So you ask...what do we do on Saturday Night?

Check this out. We run and jump on our huge luv sac.

These photos are priceless!

We all decided that Craig's jump was the best. What do you think?

Everyone thought this was a sad excuse for a jump! I must say this isn't my best photo ever taken! But I have never claimed to be a high jumper!

Liberty, I am not sure if she is trying to do a cart wheel or what...she is her mothers daughter!

Caleb has had a lot of practice at this...he and Zach do this a lot. Looks good, huh!

Zach, I think he forgot to try and grab the ball but it looks good!

I highly recommend doing something crazy like this one night. We had a blast!
Can't wait until next Saturday night! Who knows what we will come up with.


{cari} said...

Your expression cracks me up!!! You sure know how to have fun together! I love it! We played Scrabble. We're so fun. (Whatever.)